The Music of Pesah

Music of Pesah CD CoverHalaila Hazeh (This night) is a night of song and praise when all the gates of goodness and light are opened.    — Sefer Toda’ah, Rabbi Avraham Eliyahu Ki Tov (1912-1976)

There are two traditions about exactly when Moses, Miriam and the children of Israel sang at the Sea of Reeds. One tradition teaches they sang when they arrived safe and sound at the other shore. The other tradition teaches they sang as they were crossing. They sang in the midst of crossing, even though they did not have the certainty that they would reach the other side. It is our fervent belief that the power of song resides in its capacity to give us strength and hope during our deepest distress and to express our utmost gratitude. It is at Pesah that we experience both of these extremes. During Pesah we focus most intensely on the constricted places in our being, in our communities, in our world to seek a more open expansive vision of ourselves and of our world. It is also at Pesah that we are humbled by the privilege of our freedom.

Why is this night different from every other night? This night is the night in which we begin the journey from enslavement to sing our way to freedom. This night is the night of our liberation from Mitzrayim. It is a song that beckons us to open the gates, to find the light, to see the hope for a world that is less narrow, a world in which all people are free and to believe that redemption is possible.

We hope this music will serve as inspiration as we prepare for this awesome time of learning how to sing and to see the dark of the night.

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