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sunset at new york city

Toward Shabbat: Vayera

The midrash teaches that in her laughter after the birth of Yitzhak, Sarah “increased the light of the luminaries.” Rashi explains that she laughed on behalf of the whole world, setting off a chain reaction of healing, and answered prayers for all those praying. The power of this laughter is such that it has the potential to heal beyond the person doing the laughing.

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"Searching for meaning takes many paths. Mine took me to BJ. It all began there for Lou and me."

Ilene Rosenthal, Board Member

"BJ Theater Company lets me express myself and it's so fun!"

Stella Skolnik-Weil, BJ Member

"Roly sent me his annual selfie with my son at Camp Ramah, with two of the biggest smiles you ever saw. I feel so grateful for their special bond."

Paula Kramer Weiss, Board Member

Lighting the Path Ahead

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