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B'nai Jeshurun is a nearly 200-year-old non-affiliated synagogue located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. We welcome all, no matter the path traveled.

"Joining and participating in the BJ community has transformed the trajectory of my life."

Suzanne Schecter, First Vice President

Kol Nidre Partnership Appeal

Contributions to BJ’s Kol Nidre Partnership enable us to continue groundbreaking work in the fight for social justice; to shelter and feed those who experience housing and food insecurity, to speak out for those who cannot, and to continue the fight for a more just world.

Waze to the Light: 5781

Our profound journey through the Yamim Nora’im continues with Sukkot and concludes with Simhat Torah. Experience new windows of understanding and immersive opportunities for connection will open through music, sacred texts, art, poetry, and literature.


Many of our programs and services have moved to VirtuShul, our virtual shul—a living, connected, loving, virtual community. We have been moved by how Zoom has allowed so many to gather together for morning and evening minyan, for meetings, and programs.

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Find Your Waze to the Light: Our High Holy Days Journey

Today is Rosh Hodesh Elul—the beginning of the month before the High Holy Days. So, as we do every year, our community embarks, individually and collectively, on a profound journey through the Yamim Nora’im and Sukkot, ending with Simhat Torah. As in years past, we will take this journey together: Our social and spiritual connection will transcend physical distance.

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Lighting the Path Ahead

With your help, B'nai Jeshurun is better equipped to pursue its vision of a transformative spiritual community and more just and peaceful world.