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Daily Minyan

Prayer, Music, & Spirituality

Through our morning and evening minyanim, there are opportunities each day to gather in virtual community, maintain a spiritual practice, while supporting those in our midst who are saying Kaddish.

Virtual Daily Minyanim

Scroll to the bottom of this page to see when the next minyan is taking place, or visit our Calendar of Services to learn about the specific times of other upcoming minyanim. 

The Daily Spiritual Practice of Judaism

Our tradition teaches the value of devoting time each day, both individually and as a community, in prayer and contemplation. Davening (the Jewish way of prayer) has for millennia been a central component of the lived Jewish experience. Every morning, Sunday through Friday, the BJ morning minyan meets to pray together, joining spiritually with Jews worldwide, and physically as an intimate community of BJ members.


BJ is a large and diverse family, and that can be overwhelming. The minyan is an opportunity to experience BJ tefillah on a smaller, more intimate scale. And it’s a wonderful way to get to know one another better.


At any given time, we have members of the community who are in mourning or marking the Yartzheit of a loved one. Jewish law teaches that an individual must say kaddish (the memorial prayer) in a community of at least 10 adult Jews; a sign to us of the value of having a community present to care for one another in the most difficult of times. Participation in the morning minyan by members of the BJ community assures that our members are able to say kaddish, and to do so in a supportive environment.

Judaism as Spiritual Practice

Can you think of any skill you have that did not take time and effort to get good at? From birth, we are hard-wired to practice skills over and over again in order to master them, from walking and talking as babies, to athletics, to professional skills; everything we desire to do well takes commitment and hard work. Prayer is no different. The minyan is a place to develop a practice of Judaism that is present every day, not only on Shabbat.

Just Plain Practice!

For many of us, the siddur, the rituals, customs, and choreography of the synagogue are somewhat foreign. Unfamiliarity with the structure of the service, with the Hebrew, or with BJ customs can be intimidating. The morning minyan provides a welcoming and safe space to learn how to pray as a Jew and to familiarize yourself with our customs.

Contact Us

If you would like to be a service leader and/or a Torah reader, or would like additional information, please email Morning Minyan.