(20s & 30s)

Community, Caring, & Belonging

Who We Are

Over a decade ago, this group was lovingly named T’zeirim, meaning young people. As our community has changed in recent years, many of us joined together to brainstorm a new name—one that conveys the potential and passion of the 20s and 30s group at BJ: Aviv. In Hebrew, Aviv means spring—the time of renewal, blossoming, and growth.

Renewal of the youth, energy, and passion that makes BJ a sacred center for Jews from all streams.

Blossoming of new friendships, community, social action projects, and religious identity.

Growth of our spiritual life through prayer, music, learning, and ritual.

We are a diverse community of Jewish professionals and students, singles and couples, living in and around New York City. We are committed to creating a Jewish life that is meaningful, relevant, and dynamic, and we are honored to be part of a Jewish community that supports and celebrates our efforts. Aviv is led by a committee of dedicated, creative BJ members.

Everyone in their 20s or 30s is welcome to join any or all of our activities! Membership at BJ is not a requirement, though we encourage you to join. The synagogue even offers special rates for Young Adults and Students. If you’d like to learn more about getting involved, please email Sarah Rosenthal.

Stay in the Know

To be added to the Aviv mailing list, email Sarah Rosenthal with your name and email! Our monthly email will alert you to upcoming Aviv events, as well as synagogue-wide events that may be of interest to the 20s and 30s community.

Connecting with Aviv Online

Many of us meet on Aviv’s Facebook page. Join in the dialogue. Share your ideas. And if you have a great experience at an Aviv event, share your story!

Shabbat Programs

Aviv provides a welcoming, fun, and relaxing Shabbat environment for its diverse community of 20s and 30s individuals. Examples of Shabbat programs include:

  • Catered and potluck Friday night meals
  • Intimate home-hosted Shabbat meals for members
  • Themed Shabbat dinners such as Pizza and Board Games
  • Havdalah (ceremony to end Shabbat) celebrations

Contact Us

Sarah Rosenthal

Program Associate, Jewish Home Project and Community Engagement

Contact Us

Sarah Rosenthal

Program Associate, Jewish Home Project and Community Engagement