(20s & 30s)

Community, Caring, & Belonging

The word Aviv means spring in Hebrew, and like the season, this period of our lives is a time for new beginnings and growth.

Renewal of the youth, energy, and passion that makes BJ a sacred center for Jews from all streams.

Blossoming of new friendships, community, social action projects, and religious identity.

Growth of our spiritual life through prayer, music, learning, and ritual.

We are a diverse community of Jewish young adults, professionals and students, singles and couples, committed to creating a Jewish life that is meaningful, relevant, and dynamic. Aviv is led by a committee of dedicated, creative BJ members.

Everyone in their 20s or 30s is welcome to join our activities! Membership at BJ is not a requirement, though it comes with some great perks and a reduced rate. Find out more information about our Special Young Adult Membership Rate now!

Stay in the Know

If you’d like to learn more about getting involved and be added to the Aviv mailing list, contact Sarah Rosenthal!

Shabbat & Holiday Programs

Aviv provides a welcoming, fun, and relaxing Shabbat environment for its diverse community of 20s and 30s individuals. Examples of Shabbat programs include:

  • Shabbat afternoons in the park
  • Virtual Havdallah
  • Pre-Shabbat/Holiday cooking and baking classes

Learning Opportunities

Aviv offers the opportunity to deepen Jewish practice and knowledge through a variety of learning opportunities

  • Small group learning with members of the Spiritual Leadership
  • Mindfulness and spirituality programs
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion workshops

Social Engagement

Aviv creates a welcome environment to connect with fellow 20s and 30s through:

  • Virtual Trivia
  • Outdoor in-person social gatherings
  • Happy Hours

30s and 40s

In addition to 20s and 30s programming, we have recently started offering 30s and 40s programs including:

  • Small group learning opportunities
  • Outdoor social gatherings
  • Virtual happy hour

Give to Aviv

Each gift made in support of Aviv programming brings music, culture, socialization, prayer, and fun directly to our thriving community. See for yourself!


Contact Us

Sarah Rosenthal

Program Manager, Jewish Home Project and Community Engagement

Contact Us

Sarah Rosenthal

Program Manager, Jewish Home Project and Community Engagement