becca weintraub

Assistant Rabbi

Rebecca Weintraub

ext. 258


Rabbi Rebecca Weintraub completed her studies at the Hebrew College Rabbinical School in Boston, where she was ordained in June 2020. She joined B’nai Jeshurun as our assistant rabbi in July 2020.

In addition to her studies, Becca has served as mikvah guide at Mayyim Hayyim Community Mikveh, alumni coordinator for the Hadar Institute, and has been a member of the Community Hevra Kadisha of Greater Boston. She was previously the rabbinic intern at Temple Emunah in Lexington, MA, and Beth El Synagogue Center in New Rochelle, NY.

Articles Written by
Rebecca Weintraub

Homelessness in our Community

Over the past few weeks, a controversy has erupted on the Upper West Side regarding the temporary use of lo...

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Toward Shabbat: Devarim

In high school, I decided that I was going to become shomeret Shabbat, to keep Shabbat in a more traditiona...

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