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Rabbi Adina Lewittes


Rabbi Lewittes was ordained in 1993 at the Jewish Theological Seminary, the first Canadian woman to become a Conservative Rabbi. Later, at JTS, she served as the first female Assistant Dean of the Rabbinical School.

Rabbi Lewittes has held various leadership positions in the wider community, in addition to founding and leading Sha’ar Communities, a groundbreaking suburban initiative inspired by a broad vision of Jewish renaissance. Rabbi Adina Lewittes is a leading teacher, speaker, writer, and creative voice in the reimagination and revitalization of Jewish life. She is a member of the Senior Rabbinic Faculty of the Shalom Hartman Institute, and served as BJ’s Scholar in Residence until June, 2020.

She is married to Andi Lewittes and is the mother of four children and stepmother of two.

Articles Written by
Rabbi Adina Lewittes

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