Book of Remembrance

נֵ֣ר יְ֭הוָה נִשְׁמַ֣ת אָדָ֑ם

The soul of a person is the candle of God

Proverbs 20:27


Four times a year we gather together in community for Yizkor, to remember family and friends and members of our beloved community who have died, whether more recently or long ago. It is traditional to light a candle in anticipation of Yizkor as an expression of the preciousness of the human soul, truly an expression of God’s light. One human being has the ability to illuminate each of our lives and the world in such profound ways.

This is a sacred collection of names, short stories and remembrances of those who helped shape our lives and the life of the BJ community. How are their memories a blessing? What did we learn from them? How did their deeds impact us? In their absence, how are we changed? 

As we recite Yizkor, remember our loved ones and mention their names, we commit to carry forth their memory by honoring their lives and pledging to carry forth their legacy in our day to day existence.  

May these recollections which we share with one another as part of our beloved BJ community help bring light, comfort, and hope.  

Zikhronam livrakha—may their memories continue to bless us and inspire us to lives of dignity and purpose.

In Loving Memory


Saul J. and Helen G. Abraham Beloved father and mother. Harriet Abraham
Yehuda Abraham Beloved son, brother, husband, father, grandfather. Shirley Noah and Maia
Menahem Mendel Yitzok ben Gershon v’Ita Abramowicz Father Myriam
Lea bat Gershon v’Tauba Abramowicz Mother Myriam
Jenny Ita bat Menahem Mendel Yitzok v’Lea Abramowicz Sister Myriam
Tzvi Arieh ben Menahem Mendel Yitzok v’Lea Abramowicz Brother Myriam
Bill Abrams In memory of my husband, beloved by all who knew him. Forever in our hearts. Sheila Abrams
Kurt Abrams My father-in-law, loving father and grandfather, forever in our hearts. Sheila Abrams
Celia Abrams A loving mother, wife, sister and friend to many who left us way too early Beryl A. Abrams
Samuel Abrams A loving father and husband who served his community and taught us the best of values Beryl A. Abrams
Vita Abrams Wife, mother and grandmother. Holocaust survivor who never let her spirit fail her The Fishman Family (Elissa, Howard, Sam, Sophie and Evan)
Ruth Adamson Loving mother and grandmother. Allen and Madelyn Adamson
Eric Adler Loving father and grandfather The Aronow and Adler Family
Ethel Adlerstein Anita Golbey and Lee Adlerstein
Julius Adlerstein Anita Golbey and Lee Adlerstein
James Alexander Gail Berney
Joyce Altman Loving wife, mother, grandmother and friend. You will always be in our hearts. Stephen Altman
Alan Altman Loving husband, father, grandfather and friend. You are sorely missed by all of the family. Stephen Altman
Thomas Andrew Reiner Much loved husband who dies too soon and is missed and thought of everyday Susan Viuker Lieberman
Ester Ariam My dear mother. Missing you. Sima ariam
Gertrude Aronow Loving mother and best grammy ever The Aronow and Adler Family
Hyman Aronow Loving, generous, funny father and grandfather The Aronow and Adler Family
Zaaphia Bader Beloved sister Achsah Guibbory
Michael Baer In loving memory Jody and Matt Baer
Nanett Balmuth Nanett was my beautiful, smart, funny Mom who was taken suddenly this past April at 88. She is at peace now, and is missed here on Earth. The Butler Family
Gabriel Banat Gail Berney
Ron Barak Loving son of Tzvi Barak
Chaya bat Dov Our beloved mother, always had a smile on her face and a place in her heart for all of us, but especially her adoring children and grandchildren Bernard and Rosenberg Families
Chana bat Moshe Kohayn Our beloved mother, always kind and giving. Enjoyed life to it’s fullest with energy and enthusiasm, always sharing her joys with the ones she loved Bernard and Leveen Families
Lillie Batt Katz Grandparents who left me a wonderful heritage. Susan Viuker Lieberman
Estelle Bauer Betty Bauer Babetch
Maxwell Bauer To the best father, a kind, sweet man who loved his family above all else, a magnificent painter. My father was an especially kind and loving man. He will be missed by all who knew him. Betty Bauer Babetch
Morton Baum A loving and passionate father – husband, son, brother, uncle, grandfather – whose kavannah even outstripped his keva.
Maxwell and Shirley Bauman Loving Grandparents Peggy Moss
Amely Baumann Sullivan Loving wife, mother and sister; brave survivor and proud immigrant to NY; happy discoverer of early BJ community Janet Sullivan
Evelyn and Martin Beim Beloved parents Shirly Dorfman
Nehemia ben Chaim Kohyan Our Dearest Father, had a huge heart and love for everyone he loved. He gave of himself tirelessly and was always available for people in need. Bernard and Leveen Families
Aryeh Leib ben Dov My beloved father, kind, giving, only goodness in his heart. He gave everything he had in his heart to his family and his patients. Everyone adored him Bernard and Rosenberg Families
Shimon ben Schmuel The Dearest Cousin one could ever wish for. He was kind and giving and always there to help. Passed way too young. Had so much more to give Bernard and Leveen Families
Sylvia Bendavid Lovingly remembered mother Marvin Bendavid
Haggai Bendavid Lovingly remembered father Marvin Bendavid
Harry Bennett Beloved husband, father and grandfather.
Freda Berger
George Berger
Max Berkowitz A kind, loving father who instilled great pride in being a Jew, and inspired liberal values that have shaped my life. Isabel Berkowitz
Helen Berkowitz A wonderful wife and mother who was tragically taken from us at 49 years old. She lives in my heart and I think of her every day. Isabel Berkowitz
Seth Berkowitz My brother who sadly was afflicted with mental illness from childhood until he died a few years ago. Isabel Berkowitz
Marion Solomon Berman Beloved wife, sister, mother, grandmother Jennifer Berman and Julia Leffler
Sandy Solomon Berman Loving Son, Uncle, Brother, friend and artist The Berman family
Jerome Sidney Berman Beloved Father, Son, Brother The Berman family
Hilda Isselbacher Berney My brilliant and loving mother. Gail Berney
Arthur Berney Dearest and loving father Gail Berney
Moish Bernstein On this day and every day, we remember Moish Bernstein, his compassion, love, humor, generosity and inspiring attitude. He quietly placed these attributes into all the people he touched and thus will always be with us. Thank you, our most cherished Husband, Father, Grandfather and Friend. Shayne, Eli, Sadie & Jaxon Lazar, Frances Bernstein, Jason, Tracey, Rhett & Aaron Bernstein, Extended Bernstein Family
Walter Bertuck Lehrman-Pollack family
Frieda Bertuck Lehrman-Pollack family
Kurt Bertuck Lehrman-Pollack family
Betty-Jane Bertuck (née Hecht) Lehrman-Pollack family
Joan Bickoff Your memory and wonderful qualities live on in the loving family you have left behind The Fishman Family
Siegfried Bickoff Your kind and gentle nature is deeply missed
Sidney Biegelson An extraordinary father, grandfather, teacher and human being whose kindness and high moral character will live on in all who were blessed to know him. The Biegelson/Wechsler Family
Jean Biegelson An amazing mother and grandmother who lived a life that demonstrated that women can do most anything! The Biegelson/Wechsler Family
Abe Bigelisen Loving father Andrea Bigelisen
Gertrude Bigelisen Loving mother Andrea Bigelisen and Drew Kopf
William & Sarah Bilenker
Tom Blakeley Loving, kind, fun, and deeply generous husband, dad, brother, father-in-law and most of all friend. The original “cotton lawyer” of Dallas. A true tall Texan. Tom Blakeley
Morton Blaustein My father was a loving, creative and caring person. His life was challenging, as he battled depression for many years. But beneath his illness, he cared deeply about his family and the world. We have missed him for nearly 30 years — it seems impossible that so much time has passed. Jeannie Blaustein
Harry Blum Beloved Papa, who is always with us The Minkin Family in Atlanta and California
Sylvia Blum Beloved Mimi, who is always with us. The Minkin Family in Atlanta and California
Bernard and Philip Blum My beloved brother and father. Always inspiring always a North Star. The Blum family
Milton & Sonia Blum Barbara & Leonard Blum
Ruth Blum Adler My beloved mother. She was a blessing and continued to guide my thru her love and wisdom. She will never be forgotten. Barbara Blum and Family B
Ruth Blum Naboisek Adler My mother, my mentor, my guide. Barbara Blum
Dominique Boer Dom, you are loved and missed by Flip, Emilie, Benjamin and Kimberly and all your brothers and sisters here and in Holland. Your wit, your silliness, your love of all your family. The Boer Family
Ludwig Borchardt Dad. You would so proud of how your family has grown and prospered. Love you always. The lessons you taught us have been continued. Ruth Borchardt and family
Hinda Borushak Loving mother of Tzvi Barak
Jacob Borushak Loving father of Tzvi Barak
Michael Bradie Remembered with love Stacey Bradie
Aaron Bravman Our loving, devoted Dad. We miss you and love you. Nancy Bravman and Mitchell Pines
Sam Brenner Beloved Grandfather Your loving Granddaughter, Joan Goldstein
Deborah Brewer An incredible mother, grandmother and teacher. We miss you every day. Natanya, Laurence, Sophia, and Ari
Lillian and Harry Bricks Lori and Max Bricks
Shana Madeleines Bricks Beloved four legged friend Lori and Max Bricks and Adria Bloom
Irving Brizel A father, friend, brother and friend to many Jeanette Brizel
Sylvain Bromberger Lauren Goldstein and Allen, Abigail, and Eliza Bromberger
Nancy Bromberger Lauren Goldstein and Allen, Abigail, and Eliza Bromberger
Glenn Brown My Mister Man. Shriver
Helen Buchheit Gail Berney
Charles, Jr. Buchheit Gail Berney
Joseph Burak Janet Bursk
Beatrice Burak Janet Burak
Harvey Burak Janet Burak
Ellen C.
Judith Caligor Fiercely loyal to her family, she loved to laugh Dan Caligor and Anne Ebersman
Leopold Caligor His life was defined by kindness. Dan Caligor and Anne Ebersman
Claudia Calmon An amazing and loving mother, wife, grandmother, sister and aunt. A heart of gold and a smile that melted hearts. We will always miss her In every way. Elain, Barry, David and Rebecca Waldman
Matika Camhi My Sephardic “nana” to whom I owe my heritage and Spanish citizenship Marlene Halpern
Maurice Kenneth Canter A dedicated and loving father and grandfather. The Canter/Levis Family
Joel Barry Canter A dear brother and generous spirit. Canter/Levis Family
Sarah D. Canter Cherished grandmother and source of light. Canter/Levis Family
Nicholas Catinella Loving husband and Dad. We will always miss you. Suzi, Franki and Matt
Warren Chafetz Marla Chafetz, Melanie Sherman, Alexandra Sherman
Berenice Checkman My mother, I miss you every day. Sheryl Checkman
Joseph Checkman My dad, taken too young but always remembered.
Avram Chill Deborah Schuman Wohl
Harbans Chopra A strong woman who taught us so much. We will miss her. Daniel, Niki, Theo, and Ela
Lester Cohen Beloved Father, husband, and son Janice Honig
Faye Cohen Beloved mother, wife and grandmother Janice Honig and Lisa and Jacob Buksbaum
Moe Cohen Beloved grandpa, husband and father Janice Honig and Lisa Buksbaum
Fanny Cohen Beloved grandmother, wife and mother Janice Honig
Sanford Cohen In loving memory of Sanford Harold Cohen Holly Schneier
Allan Cohen The best father husband grandfather affectionately known as Poppy
Esther Cohen Beloved wife mother and grandmother. We miss you and see your spirit in Tahlia Judy and Jack Stern
Toby Cohen Beloved wife and mother Amy Cohen
Jack Cohen Beloved husband and father Amy Cohen
Pauline and Herbert Cohen With gratitude to our loving parents who are forever in our memories. Madeline and Elizabeth Cohen
William Cohen Loving brother, son, husband, uncle Dorothea Cohen & Simeon Baum
Abbott Cohen loving father, husband and brother Duffie Cohen & Simeon Baum
Miriam and Harold Cohen You gave us all unconditional love and we return that by honoring your memory. You taught us as parents and grandparents that love of family leads to love of the world. Marsha and grandchildren
Leonard and Bea Cohen An aunt and uncle who stood by me in every moment of my life. Strong-willed, clear-eyed and full of love and adventure. Marsha Cohen Boer
Charles Cooper A wonderful and loving husband, father and grandfather The Charles Cooper family
Lois Cullen Beloved cousin Susan Mason
Jennifer Damiano Beloved Friend Michael & Antonio Geller
Gertrude Dankoff Rudolph The loving joyous spirited mother who formed my life, although leaving so young Ellen Beth Rudolph
Joanne Dann A loving mother and grandmother, brave, adventurous & kind- The Dann family
Myron Danzig
Mike Danzig My brother, who dreamt of a better world. Norman Danzig
Abraham M. Danzig My father Norman Danzig
Frieda Danzig My mother Norman Danzig
Edwin Davidson Loving father and inspiration to an aentire family Frank Davidson & family
Hilda Davidson Loving mother Franklin Davidson and family
Edward Davidson Brother who inspired all to live life to the fullest. Frank, Carol and family
Yehudah Dayamnoff Lovingly remembered father Shula Bendavid
Yaffa Dayanoff Lovingly remembered mother Shula Bendavid
Rosalie Derkatch My mother, always remembered with love for her hard work and dedication to family Myra Derkatch
David Derkatch My father, always remembered with love. Thank you for giving me a deep love for Judaism and the Jewish people Myra Derkatch
Sheldon “Shelley” Derzon Beloved uncle, one half of a truly great love story Susan Zinder
Regina Landwirth Diamant Beloved wife and mother whose memory is forever cherished Helena Diamant Glass
Karl Diamant Beloved husband and father whose memory is forever cherished Helena Diamant Glass
Daniel Dicker Beloved father, father-in-law and grandfather. Memories of his warmth and gratitude are forever present. Stephen, Nilda, Isaiah, Alex and Micah
Steven Dikman Loving husband and father, gone too soon. Carol & Andrew
Elayne Dimenstein Loving mother, grandmother, sister, wife, and friend. Fred and Amy Bennett
Morton Dimenstein The best father, grandfather, husband and friend Fred and Amy Bennett
Denyse Dolny Lipsy Best friend of Jack David Marcus. Miss you Brucha.
Harry Dorfman Belovwed Husband Shirly Dorfman
Ethel and Abraham Dorfman Beloved In-Laws Shirly Dorfman
Bronia & Sylvan Dresner My beloved parents. Always in my heart and thoughts. Sylvia Dresner
Leonard Ebin Beloved father and grandfather. You will always be in our hearts. The Landesberg family
Paul Ebin A wonderful physician, teacher, father, son and brother. Miss you always. The Landesberg family
Wendy Efron Incredible beloved sister. We’ll alway miss you Mitchell Lemus & Rhonda Warren
Nathan Einhorn Loving father and grandfather. May your memory be a blessing. Marcy Einhorn
Beatrice Eisemann A beloved wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother Michelle and Stephen Stoneburn
Ralph Eisemann Cherished husband, father and grandfather Michelle and Stephen Stoneburn
Rafael Eli A loving, funny, helpful cheerful brother and incredible friend to so many from his native Latin Caribbean to Colorado to his admiring colleagues and grateful friends at the American Jewish Committee in NYC and his dedicated business partner. Beautiful, kind, smart person and entrepreneur, cherished leader and friend a AJC and respected in the Latin community. Rafael Eli, his sister, dear friends on multiple continents, his colleagues at AJC and all who knew him
Lea Eliash For our beloved parents and grandparents… Asya, Ted, and Jonathan Berger
Solomon Eliash
Martin Ellner An inspirational Husband, Father, and Grandfather Andrew, Jill, Samantha and Gregory
Sadie “Tottie” Epstein My grandmother who lived with us- brought my brother and I up with ” always remember dean breider Joel Friedman
Morton Epstein Rachel, Mark, Sophie & Abbe Klein
Barbara Epstein Rachel, Mark, Sophie and Abbe Klein
Barbara Exelbert Beloved wife, mother, and mother-in-law Richard Exelbert & Suzanne Lipkin


David W. Fagell A wonderful brother and a skilled surgeon. Remembered and loved by Elizabeth Levine
Fannie and Michael Faytell In memory of my dear parents, missed every day. Marian Faytell
Sheila Federman My mom All her children and husband.
Helen Feirstein Mom, Grandmom, Teacher, Hero. Andrea Feirstein and Frank Schiff
George Feirstein Dad, Grandfather, Theatre and Current Events Buff. Role model for living life to its fullest. Andrea Feirstein and Frank Schiff
Rabbi Irwin Feldman A loving husband and father. His sermons inspired introspection and deep thought. Dr. Gabriel Feldman, Bernice Pohl Feldman, and his three sons
Melvin Feldman Amy Feldman
Flora Feller Loving mother, grandmother Sharyn Feller
Morris Feller Loving grandfather, father Sharyn Feller
Louis and Ruth Feuer Beloved parents and grandparents Hannah Margulies
June Fidelman The Kornfeld Family
Irwin Fink Beloved Grandfather Michael & Antonio Geller
Bea Fink Beloved Grandmother Michael & Antonio Geller
Ruth Finkel Beloved matriarch, daughter, wife and mother. We miss you. Lois and Marian
Sam Finkel Loving and loved. His smile made the world shine. Lois and Marian
Shirley Finkelstein A loving mother, grandmother and wife who lived life her way. Nancy Kline
Irving Finkelstein A kind, strong man, a loving father, grandfather and husband, a friend to all. Nancy Kline
Jack Fishman Scientist, father, grandfather… forever in our memories The Fishman Family (Elissa, Howard, Evan, Sam & Sophie)
Lawrence Flamberg A dedicated father and scientist Fern & Danny Flamberg
H. Ruth Flamberg Activist Mother Fern & Danny Flamberg
Leah Fogelman A very special loving mother and grandmother Eva, Jerome & Adam Fogelman Chanes
Simcha Fogelman Loving father who was a resistance fighter in World War II who never gave up. Eva, Jerome, and Adam Fogeman Chanes
Ruth Forman Seth and Rachel Park and Family
Ruth Frank Loving mother of Marion Barak
Jules Cary Frankel Grandson of Shoah victims, only child of Holocaust survivors, husband of Susan, father of Rabbi Leora J. Frankel and David N. Frankel. Survived by 4 grandchildren: Miriam, Leo, Judith and Eden Julia Susan Frankel
Hattie Freundlich Dear Grandma, you were so kind and so much fun. May your good soul rest in God’s love and care.
Sylvia Fried You are loved & missed Marilyn Lebowitz
Sidney Fried Loved & missed Marilyn Lebowitz
Jack Fried Anne Fried, Adam Fried, Elizabeth Fried Ellen
Sophie Friedgood A loving mother, who, after 45 years of being taken too soon, is still deeply missed. May her legacy of love and strength live on in all her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Rest in peace mommy, we survived. Stephen Friedgood and the Marder Friedgood Family.
Mordechai Friedman A dedicated educator, wonderful conversationalist, and the best grandfather any child could hope for the Friedmans
Abraham Friedman My father and role model Joel and Marian Friedman
Theda Friedman To my parents who helped and guided me to be the person I am today Joel Friedman
Ladislav Friedman Lehrman-Pollack family
Armin Friedman Lehrman-Pollack family
Rozalia Friedman Rozalia Steiner Grunwald 64, deported to Sobibor 22 May 1942 with her children from our family farm in Terna and Balpotok, Slovakia. She and her siblings sali, Abraham, and Samuel were GGG Aunts and Uncles of Eilam Lehrman-Pollack family
Jacob Froman Seth and Rachel Park and Family
Sara Fuxman Loving grandmother & great grandmother Stephanie Weiner
Tony Gabriele Loving husband and father and grandfather: we always remember his profoundly gentle wisdom and compassion. As a psychotherapist, as well, Tony Gabriele transformed not only our lives, but the lives of many others. All of whom loved him deeply. Barbara Kane and Tony and Suzanne Gabriele and their children: Benjamin,Sara,John and Maya
Arthur Gaffin Our Uncle Artie. A mensch to all of Broadway. The love of Danny’s life. May his memory be a blessing. The Baron/Kahan family
Ellen Geller Most Beloved Mother Michael & Antonio Geller
Leah Geller Beloved Grandmother Michael & Antonio Geller
Samuel Geller Beloved Grandfather Michael & Antonio Geller
Abe Gershowitz We can still hear your beautiful songs Marc and Maressa Gershowitz
Gertrude Gershowitz Devoted wife, mother and grandmother Marc and Maressa Gershowitz
Charles Gerson A loving and devoted husband and father and grand-father Mary-Joan Gerson
Harold Ginsberg Dedicated husband, father and grandfather and friend. He knew just how to bring the fun and tell a great story. Edna, Martha and Johanna Ginsberg
Evelyn Glaser Janet, Gil and Harry Spitzer
Leon Glaser Janet, Gil and Harry Spitzer
William Isaac Glass Devoted father and grandfather Nate and Diane Glass
Miriam Glass Devoted mother and grandmother Nate and Diane Glass
Irvin Glassman Beloved husband, father, grandfather, and teacher Barbara Glassman, Arthur Rubin, Maya and Noah Rubin
Maurice Golbey Anita Golbey and Lee Adlerstein
Stan Gold Beloved father and grandfather Lori and Max Bricks and Adria Bloom
Albert Gold Adoring father: we continue to mourn his untimely death. His legacy includes, not only his profound love of his children but of literature, the visual arts and his profound passion for non-violent solutions to humanities conflicts. Barbara Gurievitch Kane Gabriele and his family
Harold Gold Father & Grandfather Judy Gold, Elysa Halpern, Henry and Ben Callahan-Gold
Ruth Gold Mother & Grandmother Judy Gold, Elysa Halpern, Henry and Ben Callahan-Gold
Frances Goldberg My wise and wonderful mother. Susan Goldberg
Harry Goldberg My father, may he Rest In Peace. Susan Goldberg
David Goldberg Selfless father and grandfather Linda Gunsberg, Dana and Philip Ernst
Abraham A. Golden Our Loving Father and Devoted Physician George and Sharon Golden
Cissie R. Golden Our Caring Mother and Volunteer Extraordinaire George and Sharon Golden
Pearl and Benjamin Goldfarb The most wonderful parents and grandparents Lisa Goldfarb and George Burns
Esther Goldfine Beautifully loving mother, wife, sister, and grandmother The Hofman family
Yevgeniya (aka Zhenik) Goldich You taught us the value of holding back a mean comment and the power of a red lipstick. You spoke French and sang the marseillaise and your Napoleon is stuff of legends. Nous t’aimons. Anna Krayn (nee Gurvich), Jacob and Aaron Krayn, Elizabeth Gurvich
Hy Golding He taught me to re-write the narrative. Your daughters Linda and Diane
Judith Goldman Loving wife, mother & grandmother… missed every day Goldberger/Goldman/Fried Families
Eugene Goldman Loving husband, father & grandfather… missed everyday Goldberger/Goldman/Fried Families
Ruth Goldman “The memory of the righteous shall be for a blessing” Phyllis & Alvin Goldman
Mattis Goldman “The memory of the righteous shall be for a blessing” Phyllis & Alvin Goldman
Irving Goldman A grandfather who cherished books Marlene Halpern
Robert Goldstein Lauren Goldstein and Allen, Abigail, and Eliza Bromberger
Ella Goldstein Lauren Goldstein and Allen, Abigail, and Eliza Bromberger
Bernard “Bud” Goldstein We miss you and wish you were here Your loving family Joan, Steven and Jacklyn
Alice Goldstein Beloved Grandmother, we miss you “Dai-Dai” Your loving Grandson, Steven Goldstein
Geotz Goldstein Beloved Grandfather, I miss you Poppy Geotz Your loving Grandson, Steven Goldstein
Bernard “Bud” Goldstein Wish you were here, we miss you Your loving family, Steven, Joan, and Jacklyn Goldstein
Alice “Dai-Dai” Goldstein Beloved Grandmother Steven, Joan and Jacklyn Goldstein
Goetz Goldstein Beloved Grandfather Steven, Joan and Jacklyn Goldstein
Adrienne Golub Dear mother, gifted artist, writer, activist. Jenny Golub
Ralph Golub Cherished father, whimsical jokester, master chef. Jenny Golub
Mary Goodman Seth and Rachel Park and Family
Murray Goodman Seth and Rachel Park and Family
Julian Goodstein Loving father, Renaissance man. Musician and artist Robin Goodstein
Alyse Goodstein My wonderful cousin and friend. Robin Goodstein
Andrea Goodstein Curtis My sister and best friend, gone since 2000 at 46. Forever young. Never forgotten Robin Goodstein, Estelle Gooodstein
Etta Goren My beloved mother, always in my heart. She would have loved BJ. Harriet Goren
Hymie Green Remebered with love. Sheryl, Rodney, Alex and Mira
David Greenawalt A talented craftsman and musician, devoted brother and son. The Greenawalt Family
Mina Baylis Greenstein Beloved wife, mother and grandmother Elizabeth Greenstein
Marvin Neal Greenstein Beloved husband and father Elizabeth Greenstein
Jolana Grunwald Lehrman-Pollack family
Bert Grunwald Lehrman-Pollack family
Adolf Grunwald Lehrman-Pollack family
Moric Grunwald Lehrman-Pollack family
Rozalia Grunwald (nee Steiner) Lehrman-Pollack family
Bathyah Guibbory Beloved mother and ever-faithful wife Achsah Guibbory
Moses Guibbory A unique father. Always in my heart and mind. Achsah Guibbory
Amitzia Guibbory Beloved brother Achsah Guibbory
Sylvia Gunsberg Beloved mother of Linda Gunsberg and adored grandmother of Dana and Philip Ernst
Ephraim Gunsberg Father and grandfather, whom we wished lived longer so that we could know him better Linda Gunsberg, Dana and Philip Ernst
Fridrikh Gurvich Strong, principled, a loyal family man and a consummate erudite. We miss you. Anna Krayn (nee Gurvich), Jacob and Aaron Krayn, Elizabeth Gurvich
Paul W. Guten Beloved father. Sharon Guten
Ann E. Guten Beloved mother.
Gary N. Guten Beloved Brother
Esther Haber Dearest Grandmother, always in my heart Maressa Gershowitz
Rose Halin A mother who taught me about tzedakah Barbara I. Willinger
Edward Halin My father whose love I never questioned Barbara I. Willinger
Rose & Edward Halin my grandparents who showed me another side of life Jeremy Willinger
Josef Halpern My social justice grandfather for whom my son Jacob is named Marlene Halpern
Harold Harris Loving father, grandfather Sharyn and David Harris
Barbara Harris Krolik Thank you for your unconditional love Marisa Harris
Murray Hausknecht Gail Berney
Jacob Julius Hecht Georgina 76, was wrenched off a tree she clung to in Frankfurt am Main and was deported to Terezin and murdered 12 Jun 1942, her sister Betty Jane 77, and Jacob Julius Hecht who disappeared were GGG Aunts and Uncles of Eilam. Lehrman-Pollack family
Ruth Heffler Such a force of nature, she is still inspiring all who knew her to action, even today! Her influence lives on and on. Your loving family Joan, Steven, and Jacklyn Goldstein
Herbert S. Heffler Herbie’s last wish was that people smile when they remember him, and we all do Your loving family Joan, Steven, and Jacklyn Goldstein
Rebecca Heffler Beloved Grandmother. I miss you Nanny Becky Your loving Granddaughter, Joan Goldstein
Abraham Heffler Beloved Grandfather Your loving Granddaughter, Joan Goldstein
Sylvia Heim
Stephanie Helgesen Her unconditional love for us will always be remembered. Cecily, Scarlett and Joshua Schwimmer
Bernard Bruno Hirsch Beloved grandfather; lover of his family, his wife said just seeing him made her heart skip a beat Susan Zinder
Lucille Kramer Hoffman Hirsch Beloved grandmother; lover of her family, role model for living a life to the end Susan Zinder
S. Roger Hirsch Beloved Uncle Susan Zinder
Sharon Hirsch Beloved cousin, smart, funny and dynamic, gone too soon Susan Zinder
David Hirsch Loving husband, father and grandfather Ellen Hirsch and children: Andrew, Jennifer and Jessica and Amanda, Natalie, Nicholas, Isaac, Jacob, Katriella, Moriel and son-in-laws, John and Russ.
Max Hirschowitz Lovingly remembered. Always in my heart. Carmel Green
Mavis Hirschowitz Remebered with love and always in my heart. Carmel Green
Solomon Hirschowitz Always remebered with love. Carmel Green
Carl Hollander Beloved Uncle Shirly Dorfman
Charles Honig A beloved husband,father, grandfather and friend. Janice Honig and Lisa, Jacob, Jonathan and Joshua Buksbaum
Gary Honig A beloved son, brother, uncle and friend who was taken from us too soon. Janice Honig and Lisa,Jacob, Jonathan and Joshua Buksbaum
Ruth Hoppenfeld My favorite aunt. Susan Goldberg
Elie Housman Our compass, always compassionate and honest. Beloved husband and father. Elaine, Jon, and Daniel Housman
Stephen Hubscher The best husband, dad, PopPop; we think of you every day. Sofia and Dena Hubscher, Adam, Rina and Margi Wallach
Johanna Isselbacher Gail Berney
Herman Isselbacher Gail Berney
Henry Isselbacher Gail Berney
Alfred Isselbacher Gail Berney
Marga Isselbacher Gail Berney
Gwendolyn Jacobs Missing you so much during the High Holidays, which you loved and taught us to love. The families of Betty Jane Jacobs and Alfred Litman, and Jonathan Jacobs and Carolyn Douglas
Walter Jacobs So sweet and loving a husband, father, and grandfather. The families of Betty Jane Jacobs and Alfred Litman, and Jonathan Jacobs and Carolyn Douglas
Greco Joseph Lois de la Haba


Fred Kahn, DDS A loving husband dad grandfather and friend. A painless dentist, you loved to laugh, loved to dance, you loved the Sun, loved your grandchildren beyond measure and instilled in all of us our strong Jewish values. We love you Poppy with all our hearts. We see you in every ray of the sun Nancy Richard Gary Vicky Sandy Michelle Philippe Erica Michelle Won Russell Amanda Daniel & Celia
Sally Kalet Lerman Mother, Grandmother and Humanitarian Terry Tolk
Helen Kalmuss A deep, curious, funny women who gave to so many. She is sorely missed. Debra Kalmuss and Richard Katz
Albert Kalmuss The most loving, accepting and affirming dad. Debra Kalmuss and Richard Katz
Lionel Kantrowitz Unique, special, intelligent, family oriented, religious, spiritual and unique special and my dad Julie Kantrowitz
Gary Kalmuss My brother who gave me so so much in his very short life. Debra Kalmuss
Albert Kaplan A loving father, always missed. Marlene & Murray Altman
Agnes Kaplan A loving mother, very much missed. Marlene & Murray Altman
Jeanette Kaplan Arielle Kaplan
David Kaplan Arielle Kaplan
Helen Kaplan Anita Golbey and Lee Adlerstein
Rachel Kas Lovingly remembered wife Marvin Bendavid
Mildred Kassap Loving mother, aunt, grandmother Sharyn Feller
Florence Katz Dearly beloved mother, feminist, activist whose example shrines in the lives of the next generations Susan Viuker Lieberman
Ernest Katz Grandparents who left me a wonderful heritage. Susan Viuker Lieberman
Harry Kaufman Adored father of my sister-in-law, Audrey Rudolph, and cherished husband of his wife and my friend, Anne Kaufman Ellen Rudolph
Tony Kaufman A much loved and courageous husband, father, grandfather, and friend. Achsah Guibbory
Bessie Keiles Seth and Rachel Park and Family
David Keiles Seth and Rachel Park and Family
Hadassah Kenney Amazing aunt and great aunt, with unconditional love and patience Linda Gunsberg, Dana and Philip Ernst
Frederick Kessler Seth and Rachel Park and family
Joan Kessler Seth and Rachel Park and family
Abraham Kessler Seth and Rachel Park and Family
Frieda Kessler Seth and Rachel Park and Family
Paul Kestenbaum Loving father & Expert Paddleball Player
Geraldine Kirby Michael
Ruth Kitzes Cohen Loving mother, wife and grandmother Duffie Cohen & Simeon Baum
Miriam (Nesstadter) Klausner My dear Mother who was always there for me. Paul Klausner
Marc Klausner My brother, my best friend, who lived as pure a life as any person I’ve known. And also taught me how to throw a football. Paul Klausner
Nathan Klausner My dear father who taught me so much. Paul Klausner
Murray Klein Roger and Sonja Klein
Edith Klein Roger and Sonja Klein
Louis Klein Mark, Rachel, Sophie & Abbe Klein
Karen Klestzick My older sister who was I miss dearly. Joyce, Emma and Suzannah
Samuel Koenig A Loving, Husband, Father,Brother,& Uncle Lisa & Laura Koenig & Florette K Kahn
Fay Anna Koenig Living Aunt, Mother, Wife, Sister & Grandma Lisa, Laura Koenig & Family
Edith Kolber A loving mother who gave me her best. Michael Kolber
Albert Kolber A loving father who shared his favorite past times with me while I was growing up. Michael Kolber
Harold Kopf Loving father Andrea Bigelisen
Kopf Kopf Loving mother Andrea Bigelisen
Walter Koppel A devoted father who fled the Nazis and arrived in NY as a 13 year-old with his mother and four siblings killed. He always had a warm smile for everyone. He modeled leadership, citizenship and community involvement for me. Steven Koppel
Jakob Korn Amelia Korn
Anna Korn
Ruth Kornfeld The Kornfeld Family
Seymour Kornfeld The Kornfeld Family
Irving Kramer Beloved husband, son, father and grandfather. The Kramer and Weiss Families
Alfred Krause A wonderful father who is missed every day by his family. Loren Luzmore and Family
Ruth Krause A loving mother who always led by example. Missed every day by her children and grandchildren. Loren Luzmore and Family
Joseph Krislov Marvin Krislov and family marvin krislov and family
Evelyn Krislov marvin Krislov and family
Sidney Landau Beloved husband Susan Viuker Lieberman
Harold Landesberg We love you and miss you Pop Pop Landy The Landesberg Family
Gerry Landsman A father and country doctor who would have had a lot to say about COVID-19. Miss you. Anne Landsman
Ruth Landsman A mother and wife who was a powerful force in the life of her family. Anne Landsman
Artie Lange Cherished father and grandfather Ellen Metzger, Marvin and Rebecca Lange
Bea Lange Cherished mother and grandmother Ellen Metzger, Marvin Lange and Rebecca Lange
Hannah and Charles Lazin Beloved parents. Sarah Lazin
Selma Leavitt In loving memory of my mother Barbara Salz
Sandy Leavitt In loving memory of my father Barbara Salz
Leopold and Edith Leber In loving memory David Rosenberg, Bernice Leber, Aaron Rosenberg
Joseph Lemus Beloved father Mitchell Lemus & Rhonda Warren
Shirley Lemus Beloved mother Mitchell Lemus & Rhonda Warren
Harold Lerman Terry Tolk
Sam Lessinger I remember you with love Marilyn Lebowitz
Bertha Levenson Deborah Schuman Wohl
Cecilia Levenson Deborah Schuman Wohl
Albert B. Levine Loving father & grandfather Sara Pasternak & Mathew Levine
lucy lewy A gentle loving aunt Robert willinger
Alan Lipkin Beloved husband, father, and father-in-law Sarah Lipkin, Suzanne Lipkin & Richard Exelbert
Amiram Lipton My beloved,kind,and gentle husband, father and grandfather
Belle Litman A proud New Yorker, lovingly missed by her children and grandchildren Alfred Litman and Betty Jane Jacobs, and family
George Litman Gone too long, still lovingly missed. Alfred Litman and Betty Jane Jacobs, and family
Elsie Lox my mother, a lively,vivacious woman. She is missed by all Mimi Lox
Aaron Lox my father, a dapper man full of love Mimi Lox
Esther Lux Beloved wife mother and grandmother Marshall and Karen Lux
Michael Lux Beloved husband father grandfather Marshall lux
Linda Luxemburg Always in our hearts. Marc Luxemburg & family
Henry Maienthau Loving father of Marion Barak Marion Barak
Ruben Malowitz My uncle who died too soon at age 2 1/2 in 1918 pandemic. Maressa and Marc Gershowitz
Jacob Malowitz My Uncle who died too soon at age 2 in the 1919 pandemic Maressa and Marc Gershowitz
Harry Malowitz Hero of the Jewish people. Beloved husband, father, grandfather and friend Maressa and Marc Gershowitz
Yetta Malowitz Harry’s beloved wife, beloved grandmother and mother Maressa and Marc Gershowitz
Lena Malowitz Remembering you…Grandma Maressa Gershowitz
Morris Malowitz Thinking of you Grandpa Maressa Gershowitz
Foad Yosef Manzor A loving husband, father, brother, and son who will always be loved and missed. Adam and Roslyn Manzor
Martin Popee Marcus Our deeply missed Dad and Popee we still love you and will forever. Stacy and Sydney Marcus
Rose Marcus Beloved mother of Jack David Marcus. Love you Rosie! Jack David Marcus
Norman Abraham Marcus Beloved father of Jack David Marcus. Miss you Normie!
Arthur Margulies Beloved husband and father and grandfather will be remembered forever Hannah Margulies
Channa and Moishe Margulies Nurit and Udi Margulies
Sylvia Marin Beloved Aunt Mitchell Lemus & Rhonda Warren
Hank Marx My father Terry Marx
Nathan & Edna Matisoff Always In My Heart Louise Matisoff
Georgina Mayer (nee Hecht) Lehrman-Pollack family
Jennie Mednik-Lipman Grandparents who left me a wonderful heritage. Susan Viuker Lieberman
Frances Merel Beloved Mother and Grandmother Stacy Merel and Ron Taffel
Maynard Merel Beloved Father and Grandfather Stacy Merel and Ron Taffel
Leon Metzger Beloved father and grandfather Ellen Metzger, Marvin Lange and Rebecca Lange
Gilda Metzger Beloved mother and grandmother Ellen Metzger, Marvin Lange and Rebecca Lange
Charlie Michel Beloved Grandfather Colin Weil
Kathy Michel Beloved Grandmother Colin Weil
Shirlee & Daniel Marlowe Mildred and Joshua Geller Our parents z”l Judy Geller-Marlowe & Glenn Marlowe
Ronnie Miller Best friend of Jack David Marcus. Miss you Ronnie!
Steve Miller A beautiful soul loved by all
Abraham Miodownik Anne Fried
Bertha Mitnick Mother an unselfish woman Judy Rachelle
Rose ane Meyer Mitnick Loving parents filled with yiddishkeit Judy Rachelle
Lothar Molton A loving and strong father, teaching always good judgment and how to live a righteous life. David and Maria Molton
Sophia Moser Gail Berney
Frederick Moser Gail Berney
Neil Mosesson Loving father, husband and best friend. Abigail Mosesson and Regina Zimmerman
Gloria Mosesson Loving mother-in-law and grandma Regina Zimmerman and Abigail Mosesson
Shirley & David Mosner Your guidance and wisdom continues to inspire and guide us. Miriam & Larry Suchofff
David & Shirley Mosner You continue to be a source of strength and inspiration. Miriam & Larry Suchoff
Rochelle Moss A loving mom, grandma and mother-in-law. You’re always in our hearts. Bari Moss and David Slavin, Sophie and Stella
Joseph and Sophie Moss Loving Grandparents Peggy Moss
Martin Moss The BEST father you could have Peggy Moss
Solomon & Fannie Moss
Izydor and Evelyn Nachman We think about you always David Ian and Sherrie Nachman
Hannah Nagan Seth and Rachel Park and Family
Samuel Nagan Seth and Rachel Park and Family
Eva Nakhimovsky Loving wife, mother, and grandmother, in St. Petersburg, Russia. If she had been born somewhere else, she would have been a CEO. Died of Covid, too young. Alexander and Alice Nakhimovsky and family
Evelyn Nathan Rachel, Larry, Benjamin & Zachary
Sherwood Newman Son, Husband and Father, who loved life and sharing his heart with those around him. Sallie, Carrie, and Andrea Newman
Mark Offitzer Beloved son, husband, father and brother. Shirley, Noah and Maia
Marilyn Osofsky A loving mother. She will always be missed. Estelle Osofsky-McGonigle
Jacob Osofsky A loving father Jack


Max and Pearl Pantowich Loving mother and father Stanley Pantowich
Sarah Park Seth and Rachel Park and Family
Dorothy Park Seth and Rachel Park and Family
Emanuel Park Seth and Rachel Park and Family
Richard & Laura Pasternak Loving parents & grandparents Sara Pasternak & Mathew Levine
Gavril & Sandra Pasternak Loving brother & sister- in-law Sara Pasternak & Mathew Levine
Katie Rachel Pasternak Our niece who is greatly missed by all. Sara Pasternak & Mathew Levine
Richard & Laura Pasternak Loving parents and grandparents Sara Pasternak & Mathew Levine
Henrietta Pepper Dearest beloved mother Alison Pepper
Aimond Pepper Dearest beloved Father Alison Pepper
Nevin Pepper Dearest brother gone too soon Alison Pepper
Rivke Perecman In loving memory of my parents. Ellen Perecman
Gershon Perecman In loving memory of my parents. Ellen Perecman
Samuel Perelson Beloved and loving husband, father, grandfather, brother, friend and leader. Lois Perelson-Gross, Stewart Gross, Hannah, Sarah and Ben Perelson Gross
Armand Pierro Loving husband and father; witty, brilliant companion Janet Sullivan
Murray and Rose Pine Beloved Grandparents Canter/Levis Family
Judith Pisetzner Loving sister Bernie Rachelle
Hershel Piura Lehrman-Pollack family
Chaim Piura
Shmuel Piura Lehrman-Pollack family
Yitzach-Yosef Piura Lehrman-Pollack family
Ephraim Piura Lehrman-Pollack family
Rachel Piura Lehrman-Pollack family
Minka Piura Ciechanowiec, Poland-some shot to death in woods there, others deported and murdered 17-18 Nov 1942. Shlomo 56, and Hershel 35, were Eilam’s GGGG Uncles Lehrman-Pollack family
Shlomo Piura Lehrman-Pollack family
David Plaxe Loving father. Gone too soon. Jody Baer
Jenny Polanco
Larry Poland He Will Always Be Missed Louise Matisoff
Joseph Potter Pax – Amare – Gaudium Nancy, MEP, SLP & JRP
Joshua Pressman The best husband and father. Flori, Marcus, and Isaac Pressman
Bessie Price A wonderful and loving grandmother Sheryl Checkman
Henry Price A loving grandfather Sheryl Checkman
Lilian and Nathan Prusan In memory of my parents. daughter jody
Jeanette and Joseph Rachelle Devoted and loving parents Bernie Rachelle
Lester Beryl Radlo (1913 – 1967) In Boston 6/22/2013 to Rose and Abe Radlo, Plonsk Poland. Tufts‘35, left law schl to support his family. 1942 wed Lillian Shapiro. Both founders/officers, Temple Shalom Newton. Problem solver, dry wit, generous, sensible, fair, very patient dad; loved sour pickles, Brighams ice cream. Ricki (Rachel Radlo) Lieberman and David Eliezer Lieberman
Lillian Shapiro Radlo (1915 – 1984) 6/15/1915 in Boston to Annie Ginsberg Shapiro, England; David Cuzens Shapiro, Marvyanke Lith. Girls Latin School/Hebrew College/Radcliffe College ’36. Wed Lester B. Radlo who died suddenly 1967. Nearly blameless mother, proud grandmother. Progressive/funny/influential. Died way too early! Ricki (Rachel Radlo) Lieberman and David Eliezer Lieberman
Cyril Marcus Ramer, M.D. Beloved mother, pediatrician, concert pianist, assistant professor, adventurer, maverick, healer and savior of lost souls! She believed in Tikkun olam, and she made the world a better place.. You will always be loved and missed! Rest in peace!. We love you forever! The Ramer and Medvescek family
Philip Rappaport Lois Rappaport
Ethel Reibstein The best grandma ever. Anne Ebersman
Bernice (Bunny) Reiken I miss you mom and will always remember your smile. Gail Reiken Tuzman
Daniel Reiken Loving father, gone way to soon. Love you always. Gail Reiken Tuzman
Riskin Riskin Loving Husband Andrea Bigelisen
Lillian Robinson My Mother
Irving Robinson My Father Donna Robinson Divine
Sadie Rockenmacher A true Jewish Grandmother Judy,Bernie, Marlene and Renee Rachelle
Victor Moshe Roditi Great father and Grandfather Alan Roditi
Zelda Roditi Wonderful mother and Grandmother Alan Roditi
Eleanor Rooks My lovely sister and dearest friend. I miss you every day. Lois Rooks
Arthur Rooks So young you left us, dearest Daddy. I love you and wish you eternity with your beloved Minna and Ellie.
Minna Rooks Stutzel The years go by and your spirit is with me in all that I am and do.
Fredric Rosen You are missed & loved Marilyn Lebowitz
Marvin & Helene Rosenberg In loving memory David Rosenberg, Bernice Leber, Aaron Rosenberg
Genya Rosenberg An unbelievable citizen and supporter of Israel, and grandmother to many children on the Upper West Side. Linda Gunsberg, Philip and Dana Ernst
Marty Rosenblatt Marty was a life long fighter for justice for all, first as a social worker, opening the first center in NYC for battered women to the time of his death fighting to expose the accuser of Emmett Till. He did it with joy and justice in his soul. The world misses Marty, and so do I. Sandy Cheiten
Sol Rosenkranz Devoted husband, father, and grandfather. A survivor of 6 Nazi Labor camps, Sol’s life was a triumphant message of hope and dignity. His passion for purpose, optimism, moral compass, and irrepressible memory inspired his family, his shul Ohav Sholom, the Museum of Jewish Heritage, and many more. His son, Joel, and daughter, Rita, and grandson, Daniel.
Murray Rosenthal A wonderful father, grandfather and husband. Go Mets! The Rosenthal-Levy family
Irene & George Rosner Loving parents & grandparents & great grandparents Lisa & Laura Koenig & Florette K Kahn
Edith Brenner Rousen Beloved grandmother. I miss you so, Nanny Idkya Joan Goldstein
Mindy Ruback My beautiful sister Mindy….. Todd Ruback
Irwin Ruback Miss you Dad Todd Ruback
Alexander Rudolph My father was my world Ellen Beth rudolph
Marilyn Rudolph My bold spirited second mother who brought me a family Ellen rudolph
Renie Rutchick My wife and best friend. We shared an incredible 30 plus years together, breaking same sex marriage carriers, travelling the world and sharing our love for Judaism. Judith Trachtenberg
Sarah Ryba A loving mother and wife forever in our hearts Elizabeth Nightingale
Joseph Ryba In loving memory of a husband , father and grandfather Liz Nightingale
Walter Ryzowy In lovely memory of my beloved husband, father, grandfather and friend. We miss you so much and you are in our hearts every single day Olga Ryzowy and Children
Isaac & Malka Ryzowy To my parents in law and grandparents
Judy Sacks The Kornfeld Family
Stanley Sacks The Kornfeld Family
Susan Saitz Lori and Max Bricks
Anna Sakin My beautiful. kind and creative mother The Lipton and Sakin families
Abraham Sakin My beloved father. A loving, kind and righteous man The Lipton and Sakin families
Sylvia Salz In loving memory of my mother David Salz
Herman Salz In loving memory of my father David Salz
Richard Samuels Beloved Father Peggy Samuels and Family
Marlene Samuels Beloved Mother Peggy Samuels and Family
Allen Samuels Paul Samuels
Deborah Sandbank Schneider Beloved mother and grandmother, Shoah survivor and exceptional human being Regina English, Shelley English, Joseph, Jackson and Jay Siegal
Marilyn and Sam Sanders We miss and continue to be inspired by your memory. We remember you with so much love every single day. We love you. Krumminga/Sanders family
Alice Sax Beloved mother and grandmother The Sax family
Karl Sax My beloved father The Sax family
Paula Scaringi Beloved Friend Michael & Antonio Geller
Murray Schaefer Beloved father Susan Mason
Zina Schaefer Beloved mother Susan Mason
Bernard Schapiro In loving memory David Rosenberg, Bernice Leber, Aaron Rosenberg
Fred Schecter Daddy, I’m glad you are with Mom now – and please be at peace. ILY Suzanne Schecter
Harriette Schecter My beautiful mother who I miss every day. Suzanne Schecter
Monica Schliep My beloved cousin… the kindest soul. I will miss you always. Cecily Schwimmer and family.
Joseph Schneider Master Tailor, Auschwitz Survivor, beloved husband, father, and grandfather daughter, Regina English; granddaughter, Shelley English, grandsons, Joseph, Jackson and Jay Siegal
Daniel Eric Schuman Deborah Schuman Wohl
Benjamin Schuman Deborah Schuman Wohl
Ralph Schuman Deborah Schuman Wohl
Ruth L. Schuman Deborah Schuman Wohl
Gerald Schuster Father, grandfather, doctor. I miss his big hug and smile and wish I could pick up the phone and call him. Sharon Schuster, Richard Blinkoff, Rachel Waldman
Nathan Schwalb Beloved Father Lester Schwalb and Family
Rochelle Schwalb Beloved Mother Lester Schwalb and Family
Robert Schwartz Beloved father, husband and friend. Great activist, leader for social justice. Faith Schwartz, Steven, Laura, Karl & Shoshana,Schwartz, Rebecca Fischer(Schwartz) & and many many friends.
Nancy Schwartz Sternoff The memory of the righteous shall be for a blessing” Phyllis Goldman
Helen Schwimmer We love you, bubbie. The Schwimmer Family
Isaac Sciaky Father and grandfather. We miss drinking ouzo with you. Thanks for taking us to Europe and Israel to see the family. Daniela Sciaky, Reed, David and Sara Corderman
Isabella Sciaky Mother and grandmother. We miss your cooking and doing the crossword puzzles. You’d be proud of your grandchildren’s education and success. Daniela Sciaky, Reed, David and Sara Corderman
Sarah Segal You live on in our hearts. Heffner family
Jerry Shanker Dear Friend we miss everyday Marc and Maressa Gershowitz
Molly Shapiro In loving memory of our aunt David and Barbara Salz
Natan Shapiro The most fun grandfather, who loved life like only those who went through WWII could. I was mad when you flirted with my girlfriends, but they were jealous I had you. Anna Krayn (nee Gurvich), Jacob and Aaron Krayn, Elizabeth Gurvich
Sima Shapiro Blue eyes, porcelain skin. wicked smarts and gefilte fish recipe we are struggling to recreate. You are missed. Anna Krayn (nee Gurvich), Jacob and Aaron Krayn, Elizabeth Gurvich
Frederick Sheinbaum An inspirational Husband, Father, and Grandfather
Malcolm Sheldon Koffler, Sheldon
Arthur Sherman Melanie Sherman, Marla Chafetz, Alexandra Sherman
Albert H. Sherman Beloved father and Poppop, with the gentlest smile and deepest wisdom. And the love of Lulu’s life. Lucille and Sherman Family
Betty Sherr Anne Fried
Jeremy Shvetz A warm-hearted father, brother and son. You were one of a kind and are always in our hearts. The Lowy, Raver and Shvetz Families
Jerry Siegel Jerry was a lover of art, history, cooking, reading, musical theater, BJ services, Telushkin’s Jewish Ethics and taxes. He was a NYTimes and TV’s Law+Order intellectual. But, nothing in his life was as powerful as his love for his daughters; they were his world. We love him and miss him always. Seapora, Jessica and Danyel Harlem-Siegel
Sheindel Raisel Siegel My “Mamoo” – the strongest woman I have known who brought her young siblings across the Atlantic and whose name lives in my son Jacob Russell Marlene Halpern
Charlie Silverstein A warm and generous uncle Robert Willinger
Joseph Silverstein Empathically attuned grandfather Robert Willinger
Martha Sklar Always in our hearts. Steven, Amy, Andrew and Michael
Helene Slavin A beloved Daughter, Sister, and Aunt, who is missed every day. The Slavin Family
Louisa Snitz Levin Inspiring and loving mother, grandmother and dental hygienist. Valerie, Mark, Mia and Liza Gerstein
Herbert Spilberg Arielle Kaplan
Ray Spitzer Janet, Gil, and Harry Spitzer
Harry Spitzer, Sr. Janet, Gil, and Harry Spitzer
Jacob Starkman Loving grandfather, father Sharyn Feller
Leah Starkman Loving grandmother, mother Sharyn Feller
Pearl Starkman Feller The most loving mother, wife, grandmother, friend. Always in our hearts and thoughts. Sharyn Feller
Robert Steinberg Lovingly, Betty Bauer Babetch
Genevieve Steinberg To a sweet, loving and funny aunt who I adored every day of my life. Lovingly, Betty Bauer Babetch
Sali Steiner Lehrman-Pollack family
Abraham Steiner Lehrman-Pollack family
Samuel Steiner Lehrman-Pollack family
Rebecca Steiner Lehrman-Pollack family
Dr. Henry Stern Devoted father husband and physician. Judy and Jack Stern
Frances Stern Devoted wife mother and grandmother Judy and Jack Stern
Robert Stern
Dorothy Stern Loving mother and grandmother Your daughter and son
Morton D. Stone Beloved father and grandfather, lawyer, WW II veteran, pursued justice, taught us all. Alexander and Alice Nakhimovsky and family
Dorothy Stone Most beloved wife, mother, and grandmother, power behind the throne,cheerleader for New York City, teacher and protector. Alexander and Alice Nakhimovsky and family
Elga Kron Stulman An extraordinary woman, wife, mother, grandmother and friend.
Martin Lyons Suchoff Your memory is always for a blessing. Miriam & Larry Suchoff


Leo Taffel Beloved father, he is with us always Ron Taffel and Stacey Merel
Lotte Taffel Beloved mother, she is with us always Ron Taffel and Stacey Merel
Mickey Teicher “The memory of the righteous shall be for a blessing” Phyllis & Alvin Goldman
Morton Teicher “The memory of the righteous shall be for a blessing” Phyllis & Alvin Goldman
Anne Teush A loving wife, mother, daughter and sister. We remember her in love. Anne Borin Teush
Evelyn Teush Our kind and loving mother and gram
Charles Tolk Beloved husband, father and doctor. Terry Tolk
Dr. Irving Topilow
Florence Toretsky My mother Barbara Simon
Wink Toretsky My father Barbara Simon
Josefa Torres Beloved mother, mother-in-law, and abuela. Though our children were too young to get to know her, the stories we tell keep her memory alive. Nilda, Stephen, Isaiah, Alex and Micah Dicker
Ada Torres Beloved daughter, sister, and aunt. Her beautiful voice and genuine kindness are greatly missed. Nilda, Stephen, Isaiah, Alex and MIcah
Luis Torres Beloved son, brother, uncle, and teacher. Whenever his name is mentioned, smiles and laughter follow. His joy at family gatherings is greatly missed. Nilda, Stephen, Isaiah, Alex and Micah
Jacob Tuller Beloved Husband, Devoted Father, Loving Grandfather The Wien Family
Bella Tuller Always Loving, Always Loved Wien Family
Ronald F. Tutrone
Martin Tuzman My husband. Hard to believe it’s been ten years. Imagining you resting in peace. Gail Reiken Tuzman
Samuel Verter My father–a kind, sweet and gentle man Leslie Verter
Helen Verter A powerful force and a loving and caring mother Leslie Verter
Joseph M Viuker A loving Father Susan Viuker Lieberman
Sam Viuker Grandparents who left me a wonderful heritage. Susan Viuker Lieberman
Cindy Wachenheim Dear friend and colleague. You are missed. Marcy Einhorn
Milton Wallace Thinking of you always with love and wonderful memories Amy, Debby and Jean Wallace, Steven, Andrew and Michael Sklar
Jack Warden A loving and generous husband and father. Mim Warden
Morris and Lola Wasserstein Beloved grandparents Canter/Levis Family
Georgette Wasserstein Mother, grandmother and inspiration. Canter/Levis Family
Arlene Wechsler A loving Mother, Wife, Grandmother, Aunt, Sister. Ron Wechsler
Michael Weil Beloved Father; Gone too soon. Colin Weil and Stella Skolnik-Weil
Bryna Weil Beloved Nana. Colin Weil
Morty Weil Beloved Nano Colin Weil
Melvin Weinberg Best husband, cool dad, civic man, loyal friend, and upright citizen Mimi Weinberg
Rose Weinberg Rachel, Larry, Benjamin & Zachary
Helen Weinberger You will always be remembered as the wonderful mother you were. Henry Weinberger and Allison Topilow
William Weinberger Thank you for escaping the Nazis to become my father. Henry Weinberger Allison Topilow
Dr. Irwin Weiner Brilliant mind, great laugh. With love Stephanie Weiner
Lois Weinstein A beloved friend, gone too soon. We will miss her always. Carol Keller, Kenny Lebovits, Natalie Lebovits-Zaidenberg, Or Zaidenberg
Lois Weinstein A good friend, traveler and animal lover. She is missed. Michael, Karen, Ruby & Sadie Sklar
Min Weinstein Loving and nurturing described my Mom. Donna Weinstein
Maynard Weinstein Kind and fair described my Dad. Donna Weinstein
Eyer Weinstein Laurel Eisner
Ruth Weinstein Laurel Eisner
Debi Weinstein Laurel Eisner
Caryl Weinstein Laurel Eisner
Nathan Albert Weiss Beloved son, husband, father and grandfather. The Kramer and Weiss Families
Eugene Weiss Rachel, Larry, Benjamin & Zachary Weiss
Joane Wepman-Green Laura Wepman
Warren Wepman Laura Wepman
Chaim Wertheimer In loving memory of my grandfather who perished in Gorlice, Poland in 1941
Haia Wertheimer In loving memory my grandmother who was murdered in Gorlice, Poland in 1941
Gita Wertheimer In loving memory of my aunt who perished in 1941 murdered by the nazis.
Chava Wertheimer In loving memory of my aunt who perished in 1941, murdered by the nazis
Dina Wertheimer In loving memory of my aunt who was killed by the nazis in 1941.
Moshe Wertheimer In loving memory of my uncle who was murdered by the nazis in Gorlice, Poland in 1941
Anne Wexler Loving wife, mother and grandmother. Her caring compassion for those in need always remembered. Anne Wexler
Frank Wexler Frank Wexler – warm, loving wise and always committed to making the world a safer place for all. He is sorely missed but his loving spirit carries on. Dr. Frank Wexler
Stella Whitman Loving and gutsy Robert Willinger
Millard William Michael
Eileen Willner Lauren Goldstein and Allen, Abigail, and Eliza Bromberger
Hindy Wohl Deborah Schuman Wohl
Lillian Wolfson A force of goodness, integrity and light. my mom, jordan’s ama. a cherished friend. Jordan Blitzer. Susan & Ellen Wolfson.
Ezekiel Charles Wolfson Shining example of stellar human. my dad; jordan’s pop-pop. musical, kind, humble, inspiring. Jordan Blitzer, Susan & Ellen Wolfson
Sidney L. Wolkenberg Devoted, loving, and adored father and Pappy Nancy Wolkenberg Greenblatt
Lilian S. Wolkenberg Devoted mother, adored Nanny Nancy Wolkenberg Greenblatt
Warren S. Wolkenberg Loving younger brother, adored uncle Nancy Wolkenberg Greenblatt
Morry Wrobel Beloved father and grandfather. Universally loved and respected mensch. Debra, Zachary, and Benjamin Wrobel Cohn
Evelyn Zalon Beloved Grandmother, we miss you Nana Your loving family Joan, Steven and Jacklyn
Jack Zalon Beloved Grandfather, we miss you Poppy Jack Your loving Grandson, Steven Goldstein, and Joan and Jacklyn Goldstein
Evelyn Zalon Beloved Grandmother, we miss you Nana! Steven, Joan and Jacklyn Goldstein
Stephen Zawel Much beloved husband, father, grandfather and teacher. Left us too soon Mady, Adam and Ryan
Edith Zeller Elaine Housman
Louis Zeller Elaine Housman
Felicia Zigman Always so loved and forever in our hearts. A loving mother, wife and grandmother who is sorely missed every day. Leslie, Moshe, Ayelet and Talia Horn
Jerry Zigman Remembered with love for a life taken too early. Missing the laughter and the music; missing my brother. Leslie, Moshe, Ayelet and Talia Horn
Manuel Zimmerman Loving and spirited dad and grandpa. May he Rest In Peace. Regina Zimmerman and Abigail Mosesson
Samuel B. Zinder Rare, unique dynamic man; loving father, dear husband, devoted friend Susan Zinder
Harry Zinder Beloved grandfather; lover of his family, Judaism and Israel Susan Zinder
Jean Gottesman Zinder Beloved grandmother; underestimated yet determined lover of her family, Judaism and Israel Susan Zinder
Norton D. Zinder Beloved uncle, brilliant scientist Susan Zinder
Marilyn Zinder Beloved aunt – lover of, and believer in, New York City Susan Zinder
Civia Zoe In honor of her light that she shared with our community and the world. Shary Wagreich
Mario & Ofelia Zonis To my parents and grandparents Olga Ryzowy
Clara Zonis to my sister and aunt Olga Ryzowy
Samuel Zygmunt A kind and gentle soul who inspires generations Annette Zygmunt