Tze’irim’s Photo Scavenger Hunt

By Wendy Leiser | Issue Date: October 2009

At subway stop. Photo: Wendy LeiserThirty Tze’irim members, five hours, and over 1,000 pictures later … the First Annual BJ Tze’irim Big Apple Scavenger Hunt was a success! BJ members in their 20s and 30s were asked to leave behind the cozy Upper West Side and explore more of New York City with a camera. So, without any indication of what the prize would be, six teams took off with a list of objects or activities to capture on film. Here are a few of the 82 (!) possibilities:

• Form a human pyramid in front of a synagogue

• Participate in a pickup basketball game at a park

• Start a dance party with seven strangers

• Hug a police officer

• Find a runner and jog with him/her

On monkey bars. Photo: Jim RomeMembers were asked to be as creative as possible in doing these tasks. For instance, in order to get a picture of a lookalike, one team found a mirror and took a picture showing a participant’s reflection. Another accomplished “flipping pizza dough in a pizza joint” by creating what looked like a pizza joint in an empty section of a grocery store. Nearly all teams had “celebrity sightings” of mascots and wax celebrities in Times Square. They also had to be in the picture together for team tasks, and the Team Sign had to be included in ALL pictures to prove the team hadn’t split up (not that any of them would dream of doing such a thing).

Team in front of a famous deli. Photo: Wendy LeiserThe feedback from this event was great, typified by one contestant’s remark that it “was as much fun as I’ve had traipsing around the city in a long time.” Tze’irim hopes to have many more of these kinds of programs in the future. To all members who participated—win or lose (by the way, the prizes were $10 gift cards for Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Pink Berry, H&H Bagel, and Chipotle), we’re glad you played the game.