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Praying With Our Feet: BJ AIDS Walk Team

By Michelle Edelson | Issue Date: May 2011

2010 BJ AIDS Walk Team. Photo: Ariel Schneider

1. Take out your calendars.

2. Look for Sunday, May 15.
3. Get a pen and write in big block letters AIDS WALK.

The teen leadership committee is excited to invite you to join the BJ Team for the AIDS Walk in New York City!

As Jewish people, we are commanded to participate in the repair of the world, tikkun olam, which is why at BJ so much of what we do is helping others. We are committed to human rights and standing up for people no matter their ethnicity, sexuality, or beliefs. As teens, we participate in local community service projects as well as domestic and international service learning trips. We believe raising awareness and developing support is crucial in order to fight AIDS, an epidemic that impacts our city every day.

2010 BJ AIDS Walk T-Shirt. Photo: Ariel SchneiderThis year, help the teen leadership to reach their goal of gathering a group of at least 50 community members in addition to at least 25 teens for the AIDS walk! We are lucky to be such a large community, and we think these numbers are attainable.

The AIDS Walk is a powerful experience. When such a large group of people is gathered together in one space with a common goal, the energy and excitement exuded are exhilarating and give me hope that there is potential to save lives. I can promise that Sunday, May 15 will be a day full of fun, laughter, endless amounts of delicious snacks and drinks (especially smoothies, so be on the look-out for those), walking, and community bonding. After all, what could be better than spending a sunny day this spring in the heart of Central Park? Nothing. Come and join the BJ AIDS Walk Team and contribute to the fight against AIDS.

Michelle Edelson is a senior at Hunter College High School. Her parents have been members of BJ since 1989. In 1993, Michelle was officially welcomed into the BJ community at her Baby Naming by Marshall Meyer and Roly Matalon. She went to BJ Hebrew School for eight years and has been a member of the BJ teen program for the last five years. She was one of the founding members of the Teen Leadership Committee, and has been in the Ozrim program since eighth grade. Additionally, she has participated on three of the service learning trips (Louisiana, Costa Rica, and the trip to the Dominican Republic this past February).