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Yetzirah Cohort For Spiritual Transformation

Wish you could discover how prayer and spiritual practice is actually changing your life?

Good news: You can.

For so many of us, the very word “spiritual” captures something that we can’t fully describe. A feeling; a connection; a yearning; an embrace; a presence; a hunch. To cultivate spiritual transformation, however, we need more. We need to hold a true understanding of what’s going on for us; how we’re growing and changing in our hearts, minds, and souls.

We invite you to participate in the Yetzirah Cohort for Spiritual Transformation, a groundbreaking new project of BJ’s Center for Prayer and Spirituality, in which we will form a deeper understanding of our own spiritual change. We will meet, learn, and process together over the course of the coming year. During that time, we will ask participants to commit to some kind of spiritual practice. It might mean being a regular at minyan; it might mean meditating regularly; it might mean committing to have dinner as a family every Friday night. Whatever it is that speaks to you, we’re asking you to commit for a year.

We will then harness the research and tools of positive psychology, the scientific study of the strengths that enable each of us thrive; affirming that in leading fulfilling lives, we can cultivate what is best within ourselves. We will utilize powerful metrics from the VIA Institute on Character. You will then be able to take online assessments to determine which character strengths are most dominant in your current experience, as shaped by your spiritual practice. It might be perseverance and honesty; love and kindness; or humility and hope.

In powerful ways, this work will allow us to take an x-ray of our spiritual practice. You might learn that you’ve been experiencing a growing sense of lovingkindness, and then gain tools and resources to cultivate that quality more deeply. You might discover that gratitude isn’t actually dominant in your experience, but you can build resources for practicing gratitude more intentionally.

Most importantly, you will be able to see how spiritual practice is actually transforming your life.

Have more questions about what all of this might mean for you? No problem.

Join Cantor David Mintz for an information session about the Yetzirah Cohort for Spiritual Transformation on Tuesday, June 18, at 7:00PM in the Rabbi Rachel Cowan Chapel.

Apply to be a member of the very first Yetzirah Cohort for Spiritual Transformation. All applications must be submitted by Monday, July 15. We are hoping to build a diverse cohort with BJ members from all areas of communal life and hope you will consider applying.

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