The 2017 Kol Nidre Partnership Appeal


It is a New Era at BJ!

  • Our refreshed and newly unified campus – BJ Under One Roof – opens up a host of programmatic and communal opportunities that we we have dreamed about for years.
  • Two 5-year grants, totaling more than $4 million, have enabled rapid advancement on three of our four Strategic Pillars: Community Connection, Prayer & Spirituality, Supporting 21st Century Families
  • The launch of Faith & Public Life builds upon BJ’s social justice legacy while it animates the fourth Pillar: Responding to the Prophetic Vision.


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Why BJ, Why Now?

Currently in the third year of a comprehensive 7-year Strategic Plan, our work is grounded by four Pillars:

Community Connection & Sense of Belonging

  • Through Radical Embrace, we are engaging our community broadly and narrowly, ensuring that the full diversity of our membership is served, and has opportunities to serve.
  • The launch of The Jewish Home Project will respond directly to the key learnings from Jewish Identity, Belonging, and Community.

Prayer, Music, and Spiritual Practice

  • With a 5-year, multi-million dollar grant from a family foundation, the Center for Prayer & Spirituality (CPS), a whole new department, formally launches this strategic pillar. Through CPS, we will deepen our Shabbat and holiday programming, expand offerings for alternative prayer spaces and spiritual practices, introduce new opportunities for immersive experiences, encourage exploration and reclamation of ritual practice, and expand our horizons through meaningful adult learning. Through expansive new initiatives, CPS will continue the work of drawing ourselves closer to the Divine presence, to our community, and to our own souls.

Social Justice and Responding to the Prophetic Vision

  • Also launching this fall, Faith & Public Life will build on BJ’s legacy of responding to Judaism’s Prophetic Voice—the call for justice, engaging deeply and broadly with the challenge of living Torah in a time of crisis locally, nationally, and globally.
  • Racial Injustice will be a focus this year as we join the wider community to tackle this. Internally, we will hold anti-racism workshops for both members and staff.

Engaging and Supporting 21st Century Jewish Families

  • Kadima@BJ is our response to decreasing interest in aging models of Jewish education. Our new elective-based Hebrew School model has successfully engaged students and parents alike.
  • Our new Teen Leadership Program is creating unique opportunities for BJ Teens to learn and to teach, taking advantage of the tremendous professional and communal expertise offered by BJ staff and lay-leadership.


Our Foundation is Strong

BJ has just completed a comprehensive multi-million-dollar renovation program, refreshing the nearly hundred-year-old campus communal spaces including the Sanctuary and Community House first floor, and critically, linking the two, for the first time enabling BJ Under One Roof, a long-held vision of the BJ community.

The refreshed campus is a manifestation of the vision and passion our our community. That it is programmed on average more than 90 hours/week across seven days, with hundreds of visitors each day, is a testament to the depth and breadth of our programming, and the diverse needs of our community.

A partnership is a two-way relationship. Our collective work, plans, and dreams are only realized when each and every BJ member does their part by supporting us financially. Contributed income is the lion’s share of our budget and our fixed costs are substantial. You can help us remain firmly rooted and reaching upward in the unique and special way that is BJ through your participation in the Kol Nidre Partnership Appeal.


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