The 2016 Kol Nidre Partnership Appeal


BJ is a Community.

Sustaining BJ is a community effort and our Kol Nidre Partnership Appeal is the one time each year we ask every member to contribute to BJ’s core operations and programs. Your gift at any level is deeply appreciated. It shows your commitment to BJ and encourages others to give as well.

BJ is a vibrant spiritual community deeply rooted in the foundation of Jewish tradition, while eagerly reaching upward, outward, and forward to create contemporary expressions of that tradition. In our spiritual practice, our cultural programs, our education, and in how we manage our substantial infrastructure, chart new pathways that reflect the evolving needs of our diverse community.  

The four pillars of our Strategic Plan guide our work together:

  1. Community Engagement
  2. Prayer, Music and Spirituality
  3. Prophetic Vision: Social Justice and Hesed
  4. 21st Century Jewish Families

Advancing each of these pillars requires investment: an investment in our infrastructure, in our staff, and in our nearly one hundred-year old campus. Our shared work, plans and dreams are only realized when each and every BJ member does their part by supporting us financially. Your donations provide most of our budget each year, and our fixed costs are substantial.  Please help us remain rooted and reaching in the unique and special way that is BJ, with your Kol Nidre gift today.


Click here to make your donation.