Sanders-Gardner Teen Lounge

On Sunday, September 15, we dedicated the Sanders-Gardner Teen Lounge, in memory of Katie Sanders and Lawrence Gardner, honoring  their legacy and their commitment to our youth.

“Katie Sanders and Lawrence Gardner were beloved members of BJ. They loved our synagogue and felt complete joy being a part of the BJ community together with their daughter Evie.”⁠

—Michelle Jacoby, friend of Katie and Lawrence and member of BJ. Click here to read Michelle’s complete letter.


Click below to  submit memorial tributes and gifts in memory of Katie and Lawrence.


Tributes and Gifts

Sanders-Gardner Teen Lounge Gifts

Thank you for making a gift in support of the Sanders-Gardner Teen Lounge. Here are some examples of how your gift will enhance this space for the teens in our community.
Quantity neededItem descriptionCost per itemTotal Needed
15Decorative throw pillows$36$540
2Board games$100$200
OngoingSnacks to stock Teen Lounge cupboard$200Ongoing
1Foosball table$1,0001,000
2Lounge chairs$1,200$2,400
1Flatscreen TV$1,800$1,800
1Computer/gaming workstation$2,500$2,500