Rabbi Rachel Cowan Chapel

“On Sunday, May 19, 2019, corresponding to the 14th day of Iyar 5779, the 29th Day of the Omer, in the presence of Rabbi Rachel Cowan’s family, friends, colleagues, and students, we dedicated our chapel as a sign of our love, admiration, respect and gratitude for an extraordinary teacher and visionary leader.

This chapel, which is a place of prayer, meditation, study, reflection, community, and celebration, and which holds Rachel’s books, is now called the Rabbi Rachel Cowan Chapel, as we dedicate ourselves to continuing and expanding Rachel’s remarkable legacy.”- Rabbi Roly Matalon

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Rabbi Rachel Cowan, in Her Own Words

“We can see that mitzvot link us with our people and our tradition, with each other, and with God, as we come to understand God.”

“I know that sharing my voice and creating new organizations have helped many others who feel as peripheral as I once did – born Jewish or not – to see that their stories are important and that the more the community is inclusive, the more it thrives – and the more it matters in this troubled, wonderful world.”

“We can sing the song of the cosmos, but our song will be more melodious, more harmonious, if we sing it as many peoples working together to preserve, to rescue, and to restore God’s creation.”