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This year we have two exciting new raffle opportunities!


Will You Win the Golden Ticket?

Don’t miss this exciting addition to BJ’s 2018 Auction—the Golden Ticket raffle—where the winner gets to choose their prize! Will you choose the trip to Israel? Exclusive dinner with Roly and Felicia? Watch out for the full list of must-have choices. Only 200 tickets to this exclusive raffle will be sold. Buy yours now, before this golden opportunity is gone!


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Golden Ticket FAQs

What is the Golden Ticket raffle? The winner of the Golden Ticket raffle will choose from a select group of exclusive auction prizes that will be open for bidding throughout the evening. The Golden Ticket winner will choose their prize before the auction closes, and the remaining prizes will stay open for bidding until the end of the evening.

What are the options? You can choose from a TRIP TO ISRAEL (including two round-trip tickets and three luxury hotel nights in Jerusalem plus three in Tel Aviv) or a PRIVATE DINNER WITH ROLY AND FELICIA for up to four people, or several other exciting items to be announced.

When will the other options be available? The full list of winning prizes will be available on April 9.

Do I have to be present at the Auction to win? It sure is more exciting if you are! But if you just can’t make it that night, you will be able to designate your prize in advance.

What are my odds of winning? The number of raffle tickets sold will be capped at 200, so each ticket has a 1-in-200 chance of winning. Of course the odds are better if you buy multiple tickets, so buy as many as you like!

What happens to the prizes the winner does not choose? These will remain open for bidding in the auction until the end of the evening. 

How can I buy a Golden Ticket? You can purchase it online, or look for volunteers selling tickets at BJ events.

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Join Michelle and Ayala for a day of fun! What does that mean, you ask? You tell us! Want some ice cream? Maybe a slice of pizza? Do you like bowling? Is there a movie you’ve been waiting to see? Ever played laser tag? Do you enjoy long strolls in the park? What is your definition of fun? Michelle and Ayala will work with you to put together a custom made day of fun-filled excitement for you and up to two friends!

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