Become a Sponsor and Support the Jewish Home Project

Join us in laying the foundation for The Jewish Home Project by becoming an auction sponsor at one of the following levels. 

All sponsors will receive a full-page reflection in The Shabbat Catalog—25 Hours That Will Change Your Life. A meaningful keepsake and learning tool, this year’s auction journal will be a beautiful bound book full of valuable insights, reflections, and aspirations on our Jewish homes and Shabbat. Members, rabbis and staff will contribute their collective wisdom to the book, and all BJ members will receive a copy.

If you have any questions about becoming sponsorship, email Lisa Steinberg or call her at 212-787-7600 x228.

Become a Sponsor


Sponsorship Levels

$25,000 – Click and Learn

Create an online living library of written and digital Jewish resources that BJ families can turn to for information and inspiration as they build their Jewish home. An evolving multimedia collection of curated articles, films, TED talks, interviews, recipes, how-to videos and more will help BJ families enrich and deepen their Jewish lives. Build an ever-expanding bookcase of virtual Torah in every BJ home.

$18,000 – Choose Life

Bring more Jewish life into our homes by supporting creative and engaging classes, ritual workshops and experiential programs that explore Shabbat and holiday observances, Kashrut, Tzedek/Justice work, spirituality, Israel engagement and other aspects of Jewish home life. Using traditional ingredients, programming will share new recipes for home-based Jewish celebrations, milestones and activities that members can weave into current traditions in the sanctuaries of their homes.

$10,000 – Say Yes to the Huppah

Walk BJ couples down the aisle through a newly redesigned pre-wedding series. Lead them to their huppah with enhanced spiritual and practical preparation for building a Jewish home. Programming will cultivate lifelong relationship skills, impart the values of a Jewish marriage, and–for multifaith/multiheritage couples–delve into the unique challenges and opportunities of uniting their lives. Provide newly married couples with their first Shabbat meal, and facilitate Shabbat invitations from BJ families when they return from their honeymoon!

$5,400 – Welcome

Embark on a groundbreaking initiative to welcome multifaith/multiheritage couples and families into BJ. Support them as they build their Jewish home, and help them develop an inclusive language they can use to tell, and live, their Jewish stories. Guide their creation of shared and individual spiritual space. Educate the BJ community to welcome an increasingly diverse membership, and open avenues to greater engagement with community members from other religious and cultural backgrounds.

$3,600 – Open the Doors

Pave new pathways for those seeking to join the Jewish people. Enhance and enrich the conversion experience through a mentoring program, the creation of conversion cohorts, community-wide “tastes of Judaism” events, and targeted, smaller versions of “Introduction to Judaism” classes. Courses will include one for Hebrew school students’ parents with a curriculum that mirrors their children’s and focuses on aspects of Judaism most relevant to home and family.

$1,800 – Make our Community Smaller and Supportive

Create opportunities for smaller supportive groups to be born. Cultivate more intimate bonds and strengthen our fellowship with one another, sharing our blessings and challenges around building a Jewish home. Invite members over for tea or a glass of wine and some guided conversation about contemporary Jewish identity, belonging and community or a thought-provoking film.  

$1,000 – This is Us

Ensure that everyone at BJ sees themselves reflected in the diverse mosaic of faces that is the portrait of our community. Help us tell all our stories, through videos and print materials that will include the voices and faces of LGBTQ members, people of color, people with disabilities, single-parent families, multifaith/multiheritage families, blended families, and others who comprise our wondrous community of manifold reflections.

Become a Sponsor

If you have any questions about becoming sponsorship, email Lisa Steinberg or call her at 212-787-7600 x228.