Donating to the Community Kiddush

We are so glad that you are planning to make a donation to a community kiddush at BJ.  Please know that we are available to provide whatever assistance is needed, and we will help to coordinate when there are two or more hosts for a given Shabbat. Just contact Julie Schwartz and we will contact you to make further arrangements.

Community Kiddush

The regular weekly kiddush at BJ is held at the 86th Street Social Hall around 12:15PM and is typically attended by over 150 people. The usual menu is dairy/vegetarian and includes:

  • an assortment of bagels and cream cheese spreads
  • salads such as tuna, egg, Israeli, Mediterranean spread, and cold pastas
  • a dessert of cookies and fruit.

It is served buffet style with seating at long tables.

Donating to the Kiddush

There are two basic levels of donation for a kiddush, as described above:

• Kiddush Supporter: $360-$1,499
• Kiddush Sponsor:  $1,500 and over

Often the celebration of a special event will significantly increase attendance at the Community Kiddush. Please provide an estimate of additional guests you expect so that we can assure that the amount of food will be adequate. If you will be joining us with 10 or more guests, please contact Julie to arrange for additional food and waitstaff. We ask for a minimum donation in addition to the cost of food and waitstaff for additional guests.

Self Arranged Kiddush

Of course you can always plan your own kiddush, and we’ll help coordinate. The most important things to know about making your own arrangements are that kiddushim at BJ are always dairy/vegetarian, that all food items need to come from an approved, kosher certified caterer, and that food must be delivered and refrigerated by Friday afternoon, as we do not accept deliveries on Shabbat.

Acknowledging your Gift

A thank you will appear in BJ’s weekly newsletter, the Kol Jeshurun, in honor of your event. It will read:

This week’s Community Kiddush is supported/sponsored [depending on the level] by [e.g. Andrea and Howard Stein] in honor of [e.g. Jonah] becoming a Bar Mitzvah.


Please note that the cost of sponsoring a kiddush is tax deductible if coordinated in advance with the BJ office.