High Holy Days Sermons 5775

Rosh Hashanah First Evening – September 24

Rosh Hashanah First Day – September 25

Note: Due to a technical equipment malfunction, we are unable to provide a recording of Rabbi Bronstein’s sermon.

Rosh Hashanah Second Day – September 26

Kol Nidre – October 3

pdfTranscript: Rabbi Matalon Kol Nidre Sermon – October 3

Yom Kippur Morning – October 4

Yom Kippur Ne’ilah – October 4


count-down-gear-up-2014-09-croppedIn preparation for the Yamim Nora’im, the BJ Rabbinic Fellows past and present prepared Elul reflections, and Rabbis Matalon, Bronstein, and Sol shared their insights on the topic: Father, King, Judge: Can we pray to the God of the High Holy Days?

Listen to the “Count Down, Gear Up” webinar (Running time:45 minutes; Wednesday, September 10, 2014)