The Music of Shabbat – With Every Breath

With Every Breath - The Music of Shabbat at BJ CD CoverThe soul has a voice and this is some of its most haunting music.

These twelve sacred songs span centuries and continents. They weave together the diverse threads of the Jewish experience. You will hear Sepharic and Ashkenazic melodies, Hassidic niggunim (songs without words) and the music of the Middle East, Turkey and South Asia. Together, they mark a journey through the powerful beauty of Shabbat and reveal the intensity of a love affair with the Creator that has continued for thousands of years.

In its way, this is brave music. It challenges the belief that religious authenticity requires one unchanging form. It is the living music of B’nai Jeshurun (BJ to all who know it), one of the oldest synagogues in North America. BJ is a community that seeks to build bridges. To transcend the dogmatic and the narrow. It honors the past as it wrestles with the challenges of the future.

This is the music of many traditions finding new expression. It is the ancient speaking to the present.

It is music that offers praise with every breath.