El Adon


About the Piyut

One of the most ancient poems known to us, which is assumed to have been written between the 2nd and 4th century in Israel. Like other ancient poems it is not rhymed and its structure resembles closely that of certain psalms. It contains an alphabetical acrostic with two letters of the aleph bet in each stanza. The poem revolves around the description of the creator exulted by all creation but most specifically by the heavenly bodies, the sun and the moon, and the heavenly creatures, angels, seraphim, cherubim etc. It is located in the first blessing before the Shabbat morning Shema and is a natural continuation to its opening theme: “blessed are You God, our Lord, Master of the universe, who created light and crafted darkness, made peace and fashioned all things”.

El Adon can be found on the recordings of Piyutim North America. The author is unknown.



El adon al kol hama’asim
baruch um’vorach befi kol haneshama
Godlo vetuvo male olam
da’at u’tvuna sovevim hodo
Hamitga’eh al chayot hakodesh
venehedar bechavod al hamerkava
Zchut u’mishor lifnei kis’oh
Chesed verachamim malleh kvodo
Tovim me’orot shebera’am Eloheinu
yetzaram beda’at bevinah u’vhaskel
Ko’ach u’gvura natan bahem
lihiyot moshlim bekerev tevel
Mele’im ziv u’mefikim noga
na’eh zivam bechol ha’olam
Smechim betzetam vesasim bevo’am
osim be’emah retzon konehem
Pe’er vechavod notnim lishmo
tzahola verina lezecher malchuto
Kara lashemesh vayizrach or
Ra’ah vehitkin tzurat halevana
Shevach notenim lo kol tzva marom
Tiferet u’gdula serafim ve’ofanim vechayot hakodesh


God Master of All Creations

God master of all creations
blessed and praised by every soul
His greatness and goodness fill the universe
knowledge and wisdom surround Him
He is exalted above the celestial beings
and adorned in honor above the chariot
Virtue and honesty stand before His throne
grace and mercy are abundant in Him
Good are the luminaries created by our God
crafted with knowledge, wisdom and insight
Strength and might He placed in them
to reign over the universe
Full of brilliance they radiate brightness
beautiful is their brilliance throughout the world
They rejoice in their rising and delight in their setting
performing with reverence the will of their Creator
Glory and honor do they give to His name
revelry and song for His Majesty
He called forth the sun and it shone light
He saw fit to regulate the form of the moon
All the hosts of heaven give Him praise
Serafim, Ophanim and Celestial Beings
attribute magnificence and greatness




  • Musical Direction and Arrangements: Yair Harel and Omer Avital
  • Production: Ari Priven, Yair Harel and Omer Avital
  • Mixing and editing: Daniel Freedman
  • Mastered by: Randy Merrill at Masterdisk
  • Recorded at B’nai Jeshurun, New York City, July 2010