Shoah Names

BJ Shoah Meg scroll-edit-700The horror of the Shoah forever changed the lives of many BJ members families. We want to insure that the next generation understands that this is what happened to members of our community and that the events of the Shoah are more than just a page in a history book.

In 2014 BJ dedicated a Shoah Megillah for use at the annual Yom HaShoah Commemoration Ceremony. The scroll, made of the same parchment as a Sefer Torah and cut and sewn by a Sofer, contains all the names collected since 1995 from BJ members and their friends whose families were killed during the Shoah. We continue to gather and add names.

Whether your family members died in the Shoah or were survivors, we would like to preserve their names and stories in the BJ community. Please take a moment to complete this form. For additional family members, please submit another form.


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