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Our tradition teaches that the 49 days between Pesah and Shavuot are divided into seven weeks (a week of weeks)—each with their own specific spiritual quality. These qualities are guided by sefirot, the Divine sources through which, the Kabbalists believed, holiness is revealed in the world. According to the Kabbalists, Sefirat HaOmer was a time of spiritual exploration; a way for us to prepare our souls to receive the learning, inspiration and guidance that comes to us each year on Shavuot.

Entering Sefirat HaOmer together, we invite you to meditate on each of these qualities along with us. As we count the days of the Omer, you will see the faces and hear the voices of BJ community members reflecting on these spiritual qualities in their lives and in the world. On each of the the 49 days of the Omer, you will hear a different voice reflecting on the spiritual qualities of loving kindness, gratitude, groundedness, presence, strength, and the ways we might to connect to a Divine presence in our world.

Each video will be visible below as soon as it is published, beginning after the hag finishes on Sunday, April 1, through Friday, May 18. Follow us on Instagram to see daily videos of inspiration, and keep an eye on your inbox or check out the BJ Facebook Page and our YouTube Channel for weekly compilations. (If you would like to subscribe to these emails, contact with “Sefirat HaOmer” in the title.)