LeShanah Tovah from the
Rabbis and Hazzan

As we walk through the gates of a new year and dedicate ourselves to the spiritual work of heshbon nefesh (spiritual accounting), we pause in reflection and prayer when we realize the gap between our realities and our aspirations. In these challenging timesfor many of us personally, for our people, for our country, for Israel, and for humanitywe pray that God will strengthen us to continue to actively hope for and work in pursuit of our highest dreams.

The upcoming days of prayer and introspection have the power to shape our lives, and it is our fervent hope for our community that we will be capable of pouring out our souls to God and to hold each other in our soul searching. We are so grateful for the privilege of leading this community in prayer as we all seek to live more significant lives. We all count on each other to make these Days of Awe truly holy and transformative.

May God bless us all with health, fulfillment, prosperity and love in the New Year. May God bless us, Israel and all humanity with justice, harmony and peace.

לְשָׁנָה טוֹבָה תִּכָּתֵבוּ וְתֵחָתֵמוּ

LeShanah Tovah Tikatevu ve-Tehatemu

Rabbis Roly Matalon, Marcelo Bronstein and Felicia Sol, and Hazzan Ari Priven