Children’s and Family Services

Children ready for Ne'ilah ProcessionCreating meaningful tefillah experiences for children and families is an important part of the High Holy Days at B’nai Jeshurun. We hope that every family will take part in one or more of our services, which include age-appropriate prayers, songs, activities, and learning about the High Holy Days.

Children’s and Family Services

Children’s Services

For children ages 6 and under, accompanied by parent or adult. Led by our Children’s Service Shabbat leaders, families enjoy a spiritual service with singing, dancing, a short Torah service, stories, and educational activities.

Family Services

For children in second grade and above, accompanied by parent or adult. Led by Rabbi Anne Ebersman, Jerry Korman, and teenagers from our community, this unique service is filled with spirit, intention, and learning for families.

Kulanu (formerly known as Junior Congregation)

For children in second through seventh grade. Due to space constraints, this service is for children only. This service is modeled after our participatory bi-weekly Kulanu service on Shabbat morning. Children are encouraged to lead prayers.

Ne’ilah on Yom Kippur

At the conclusion of Yom Kippur, children are invited to participate in a special service by creating a “parade of light” into the main service locations, symbolizing the fruition of our hopes and dreams in the new year. In a darkened sanctuary the children (and their parents for those under 7), dressed in white and carrying battery-operated candles, walk up to the bimah and join with the community in conclusion of Yom Kippur.

Children’s and Family Service Schedule

Thursday, September 21Rosh Hashanah: First Day
Bim Bam (Ages 0-3)89th Street Community House 1st Floor10:30AM
Children's Services (Ages 0-6)86th Street SPSA Chapel, 88th Street Frankel Hall
Family Services (Ages 7-12)Symphony Space
TashlikhRiverside Park—by the Hudson river (between 91st–93rd Streets)5:30PM
Friday, September 22Rosh Hashanah: Second Day
Children's Services (Ages 0-6)89th Street Community House 1st Floor10:30AM
Kulanu (Ages 7-12)89th Street Community House 3rd Floor11:00AM
Saturday, September 23Shabbat Shuvah
Children's Services (Ages 0-6)88th Street Frankel Hall10:45AM
Friday, September 29Kol Nidre
Family Services (Ages 7-12)88th Street Sanctuary6:15PM
Saturday, September 30Yom Kippur
Bim Bam (Ages 0-3)88th Street Frankel Hall10:30AM
Children's Services (Ages 0-6)86th Street SPSA Chapel, Jazz at Lincoln Center
Family Services (Ages 7-12)88th Street Sanctuary
Minhah & Ne'ilah
Children's Procession86th Street SPSA Chapel, 88th Street Sanctuary, Jazz at Lincoln Center7:00PM

Entrance Cards

Entrance cards are required for admission to all Children and Family Services. To obtain entrance cards you must be a member of BJ. Learn more or contact us to request your Application Form.

Child Supervision

During all services, except Junior Congregation, children must be supervised by their parents or another adult. Children under 7 must be seated with or accompanied by a parent at all times during all services. Unsupervised children will be brought to sit with their parents.