Shine the Light

Hanukkah comes at the darkest time of year, reminding us that light must shine out even at the darkest moments. This Hanukkah, shine some light into someone else’s life. Instead of the usual gift giving all eight nights, make one night a “night to give back” with a donation of time or money.

Here are some ways you can shine the light with BJ:

Make a Donation 

The BJ/SPSA Homeless Shelter Food Fund: Contributions will go towards providing meals when there is no food donor; $40 covers the cost of one meal for 10 guests. Donate here.

Leket Israel: The National Food Bank

Donate Your Time

The BJ/SPSA Homeless Shelter: volunteer to set up, sleep over, or prepare a meal by contacting Larissa.

Give the Gift of Life at the BJ Blood Drive: Wednesday, December 9 | 3:00-9:00PM | 88th Street Sanctuary. Sign up with Larissa.

Get Involved with Panim el Panim: BJ’s Community Organizing and Advocacy Initiative. Check out our current work and campaigns here.

Hesed opportunities:

  • Hevra Kadisha (Caring for members in mourning)
  • Bikkur Holim (Visiting the sick)
  • Shabbat Connections (Weekly phone calls to home-bound members)
  • Teen Hesed (BJ Teens visit home-bound members in pairs)
  • Contact Billie to get involved with Hesed work

For Tze’irim (20s and 30s), join us for Social Action Sunday.

Why Do We Give?

Whether you are making this decision on your own or having a conversation with your children or family, we encourage you to think through these questions about why we are choosing to pick a night to give rather than receive.

  • What does it mean to you to bring light to someone else during Hanukkah?
  • Why can it feel better to give than to receive?
  • Have you ever had the experience of feeling really good after you’ve given someone a gift?  What made it feel good?
  • How do we make an informed decision about the organizations to which we donate?