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Waze to Democracy

Social Justice & Activism

The psalmist cries out from the depths in anguish, waiting, hoping for healing and redemption.

We wait too as each vote is counted, and hope that this election season comes to a peaceful close. We hope for the restoration of decency to our national politics. We hope for justice and for the healing of our nation.

In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever that we remain centered, resilient, and connected to one another in community. Whatever will unfold in the coming hours, days, and weeks, we will need each other to confront together whatever challenges may arise.

As events unfold, we will keep you updated on ways to demand that every legitimate vote be counted. We trust that the United States of America will ultimately live up to its promise of democracy, freedom, and dignity for all. But this will not happen until all votes are counted, no matter how long it takes. And when the counting is over, and this election has been decided, we will continue to build the America that has yet to be.