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Micki Levin Concert Series

The Micki Levin Concert Series, under the leadership of BJ music director Dan Nadel, showcases leading musicians from the spheres of Jewish and world music and creates new opportunities to experience artistic expression as a pathway to spiritual connection. Featuring artists from Joey Weisenberg to Achinoam Nini and melodies ranging from the Bobover Hassidim to Bob Dylan, this concert series continues to offer transformative musical experiences as it enters its second full season.

The Micki Levin Concert Series is dedicated in loving memory of Michelle “Micki” Levin, by Ed, Marty, and Joey Brill. A longtime BJ member, Michelle experiencing the power of music at BJ and attending our special concerts in the BJ Sanctuary. We are profoundly grateful to the Brill family for helping to sustain transcendent and soul-stirring music at BJ for years to come.

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