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This year, instead of family electives, we will be launching Kadima B’Bayit: a new family educational model that will give ALL families with children going into 3rd-6th grade the opportunity to receive one-to-one advising, learn with other BJ families, and personalize their learning in a fun and self-paced way!

The two main parts of Kadima B’Bayit are:

  • One-to-One Advising

For the entire year, families will be partnered with a BJ guide and meet monthly for 45 minutes to receive support in their learning and Jewish journey. The guide will assist families in developing learning goals, offering resources, and be a support as families go through a selected online module. 

  • Cohort Based Learning

Additionally, families will be placed in a cohort (based on their selected online module) and have communal learning opportunities per semester to deepen their learning with other BJ families. These sessions will take place on Zoom and be led by BJ staff and clergy. 

Online Modules

There are three online modules that families can choose from, which will serve as the basis of their learning with their guide and cohort. Families will have the ability to work through these modules at their convenience and in a way that best fits their learning needs and interests. All online modules will consist of text, videos, activities, and creative ways to engage with the subject. 

The three modules to choose from are:

1. Speaking with Torah

In this module, families will wrestle with Torah and see its relevance in their lives by bringing their own questions and experiences to Torah and bringing Torah to their questions and experiences. Families will explore key questions such as what does Torah mean to me and what does it mean to us as a family? and how can Torah help shape our thoughts, behaviors, and voices in the world?

2. Beloved Community

In this module, families will understand the basis of the Jewish value of hesed (kindness) and its importance in Jewish practice and tradition, particularly in building beloved communities. Families will explore critical questions such as what does Judaism say about treating the “other”? and what does it mean to be responsible to others (in my family, extended family, BJ community, and beyond)? A central component of this module will ask families to actively practice hesed, as a means to deepen relationships and build a community focused around care and love. 

3. Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue!

In this module, families will understand the basis of the Jewish value of tzedek (justice) and the importance of treating others with dignity, respect, and care. Families will be asked to reflect on ways in which racial bias and dynamics are prevalent in the way we as individuals, families, communities, and nations behave and make decisions. A main component of this module will be to learn about the realities of racism and what we can do to combat racial injustice and work toward creating a more equitable and just society.

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If you have any questions or would like more details on Kadima B’Bayit please email Makai at mdorfman@bj.org. We hope to have the opportunity to learn and work with your family!