Parent and Family Engagement Manager

Tobie Franklin


Tobie Franklin has served as our Inclusion Coordinator for the past three years. We are excited to welcome her to our full-time staff as our first Parent and Family Engagement Manager. She has had a tremendous impact on our staff, families, and children. Tobie has extensive experience in the field of special education, having  worked in educational and clinical settings in Canada, Israel, and the U.K. She has completed graduate work in child assessment and counseling, special education, Jewish studies, and human rights law. Most recently, Tobie served as the Assistant Director of Yaldaynu Preschool for the past three years. 

Tobie also served as  the Director of Learning Support for seven years at the IDEAL School of Manhattan, an inclusion school for kindergarten through grade 12. Furthermore, she was a member of a three-year technical working group on inclusion at the U.S. Department of Education. Tobie has provided professional development to educators locally, nationally, and internationally. We are so lucky to have Tobie as part of our full-time team.

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