Sliding Scale Dues

Types of Membership

Membership is from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019. You can choose one of the following membership categories:

  • Individual: Single member without children.
  • Family*: Married couple or two individuals living in a partnered relationship, with or without children; single parents with children.
  • Full-Time Student: Individuals pursuing an undergraduate or post-graduate degree.
  • Young Professional: First-time members aged 20-35.
  • BJ Friend**: For those living outside of the tri-state area or beyond commuting distance from the synagogue.

* Family membership includes children 23 years and under.

** BJ Friend Membership does not include admission to High Holy Days services, but does allow you to purchase entrance cards for yourself and your guests at $600 each.

Sliding Scale Membership Dues

July 1, 2018– June 30, 2019

Our sliding scale dues structure allows for significant flexibility, while also helping to ensure the financial health and sustainability of our community. Members pay dues based on their household income, found in the sliding scale plan below. You will not be asked to provide financial documentation of your income; we simply request that each member pledge honestly.

If you are having financial difficulties this year, please do not hesitate to contact the Membership Department to discuss dues or payment plans. No one will be denied membership because of financial circumstances. All financial information is confidential. If you join after October 1, dues are prorated each quarter (except for the BJ Friend membership).

Annual Household IncomeIndividual
$85,000-$99,999$1760* $2150*
BJ Friend$360*N/A
Full-time Student$155*N/A

* Security fee is optional for these Membership Types. 

Special Young Professionals and Young Families Rates

For first-time members, couples, or families where at least one adult in the household is aged 20-35. Renewing members who joined BJ at this rate pay dues in $180 increments for the first three years, or until age 35. If you are in a comfortable financial position, we encourage you to pay the sliding scale dues above.

Annual Household IncomeIndividual (20-35)Family (20-35)
Year 1 (New Members Only)$180*$360*
Year 2 (Renewing members who joined last year)$360*$540*
Year 3 (Renewing members)$540*$720*

* Security fee is optional for these Membership Types.

One-time Security Fee

To strengthen our security systems, BJ implemented a one-time security fee of $180 in 2017. Those who paid the security fee last year will not be asked to do so again this year. For those in lower income categories, there is an option to pay a reduced security fee or skip it altogether. This contribution will fund upgrades such as increased security camera coverage and enhanced alarm systems throughout the BJ campus, as well as additional security personnel during peak programming, Shabbat, and holidays.