Renew Your Membership

Membership renewal for 2019-20 is open.

We are so grateful and glad that you have made BJ your spiritual home. Your membership is essential to keeping our community strong and helps to cover the costs of general operations, innovative programming, and other expenses that come with maintaining a large nearly 100-year-old campus in New York City.

Current members were sent an email in mid-June with instructions on how to renew. (If you didn’t receive your email, check your inbox for messages from—if you can’t find it, email us!) All you have to do is review your pre-filled personal information and make any corrections, answer a few additional questions, and click ‘submit.’ You will be able to pay with your credit card, set-up a payment plan, or send in a check.

Prefer a less technological approach?  You will also have the option to renew by phone or in person if you choose. If you have any questions, contact our membership department. They’re here to help!


What’s new on the membership form?

We’ve made some changes to the renewal process based on the feedback we got from you last year. Some of what you’ll see:

  • This year’s form is shorter and easier to complete—you will have the opportunity to review the information we have on file, but you don’t need to tell us the same information you told us last year.
  • After renewing your membership, you will receive a separate email with instructions on how to select your preferred High Holy Days service location(s), and how to let us know about the ways you want to get involved at BJ this year.


For more information, please review our Membership FAQ.