Join Us or Renew Your Membership

We’re going paperless! Membership renewal is faster, easier, and greener than ever. No more forms, no more wondering if your renewal arrived in the mail, no more filling out your contact information for the zillionth time!

Current BJ members, on June 19, 2017, you will receive a personalized email with a link to renew your membership. All you have to do is review your pre-filled personal information and make any corrections, answer a few additional questions, and click ‘submit’! You’ll be able to pay with your credit card, set-up a payment plan, or send in a check. And since not everyone loves today’s newfangled technology, you’ll still have the option to renew by phone or in person if you choose.

If you haven’t received your link by June 20, email Rivky Spivak, BJ’s membership manager. She’s here to help!

Joining BJ for the first time? Welcome! Email Rivky Spivak, BJ’s membership manager to request a membership form.

Rejoining after some time away? Welcome back! Get in touch with Rivky Spivak for everything you need to (re)become part of the BJ community.

What’s new on the membership form?
Changing the membership process gave us a chance to modify the form so that it more fully reflects the values we aspire towards as a community. Some of what you’ll see:

  • A new way to indicate gender identity, to be more inclusive of transgender individuals and their families.

  • A place to indicate racial identity, if desired, to be more inclusive of People of Color and Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews

  • Clearer ways to tell us the skills and talents you want to contribute to building our community

  • Simpler registration for Kadima @BJ (Hebrew School)