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Teen Executive Board

Mazal Tov to the 2018-19 Teen Executive Board  

Guy Haninovitch

Vice President
Abigail Sylvor Greenberg

Director of Communications
Mariel Priven

Development Chair
Alex Sherman

Membership Coordinators
Peri Friedman
Julia Rothman

Tzedek Coordinators
Sophie Fishman
Sydney Greene

Jewish Life Coordinators
Stephanie Bromberg
Abigail Bromberger

Teen Leadership Council

What if I want to take on a leadership role, but I am not a member of the Teen Executive Board?

No problem! You can apply to be a part of our Teen Leadership Council (TLC). Members of the TLC will have the unique opportunity to become more involved in our teen programming at all levels and to grow as leaders in our community and beyond. The TLC meets once a month with the Executive Board to help with decision making, problem solving, and event planning. TLC Members may serve on committees to help with particular projects or events throughout the course of the year

Any active member of the BJ Teen program may apply for a spot on the Leadership Council. Decisions about who will be a part of the Leadership Council will be made by BJ Teen staff. Current members of the TLC do not have to reapply.

Apply Now