BJ Theater Company

About the BJ Theater Company:
BJ’s Youth Theater Company provides a setting in which students can engage in an experience that enriches them both as young theater-makers and as Jewish people. As they rehearse plays, students will connect with their Jewish identities, become more deeply involved in their congregational community, and have meaningful and plentiful opportunities to express themselves. By emphasizing collaboration, teamwork, and ensemble-building, the BJ Theater Company will create a kehillah kedoshah. The skills learned on and behind stage—taking care of one another, contributing to a whole that is bigger than oneself, finding and using one’s voice, gaining self-confidence and a sense of self-worth—will stay with BJ’s student performers into adulthood.

Come meet Emma and learn more about the BJ Theater Company at Family Shabbat on Friday, October 12. 



BJ Theater Co at Kadima@BJ

We’re bringing all the fun of the BJ Theater Company to Kadima! This year, we’re pleased to offer two theater-based electives:

Term 1—BYOP(lay): From Page to Stage (3rd-6th Grade)
Sharpen your pencils and your acting chops — it’s time to Build Your Own Play! In this theatrical elective, we’ll work in teams as writers, actors, and directors. Together, we’ll create and rehearse our own 10-minute plays. Then, we’ll perform them in a holiday-based short play festival at the end of the term. Don’t think of yourself as an actor? No problem! You can write or direct and be involved behind the scenes. No theater experience necessary.

Terms 2 and 3—Who Tells Your Story? (4th-6th Grade)
Places, everyone! In this two-part elective, we will rehearse our very own production of The Diary of Anne Frank. As we prepare for our show, we’ll learn more about Anne’s story and life and talk about what it means to tell a true story on stage. We’ll also experience first-hand all the pieces that go into putting on a play, from first rehearsal to final bow! Note: this is a two-part elective running in terms 2 and 3students must sign up for both terms.

Click here for more information and to sign up.