Moral Grandeur and Spiritual Audacity: A Yearlong Community Study


Monthly Webinars
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Audio Recordings of Heschel Community Events
Listen to Peter Geffen speak about the teachings of Rabbi Heschel
Listen to Dr. Susannah Heschel discuss her father and his legacy

In this new year of 5776, we will engage in a study of Heschel’s essays – each month a different essay – from the book Moral Grandeur and Spiritual Audacity, edited by his daughter Dr. Susannah Heschel. As we begin implementing our strategic plan, we hope each and every person in the community will find a way to be connected to one another and to Torah. Here are 10 ways you can participate:

  • On October 24 we held a gathering during which Peter Geffen spoke about the teachings of Rabbi Heschel. Peter was a student of Heschel’s and the founder of the Heschel School. Listen to the audio of that program here.
  • Read and reflect on a small selection from each month’s essay that will appear in community emails and at the top of this page.
  • Buy the book! You can get it for a discount at West Side Judaica – have the blessing of it in your own home while supporting our local Judaica store.
  • Join a monthly webinar with one of the rabbis. Spend 45 minutes diving a bit more deeply into the essay. See below for the full schedule.
  • Come to morning minyan to study each month’s essay with one of our BJ Fellows following the service, on Fridays: November 13, December 18, January 8 at 8:30-9:15AM
  • Form a hevruta. Pair off with a friend to study the essay together, or sign up here to be partnered with a new friend or study partner to learn the essay.
  • Form a havurah (fellowship group) to study the essay. You pick the time, the place and the nosh. We’ll place you in a havurah or you can reinvigorate an old havurah/Havdalah group – and please let us know if you do! We’ll help you launch the group and you’ll take it from there.
  • For members in your 20s and 30s, Rabbi Sarit Horwitz will lead a havurah in her home on the following dates: November 17, December 19, January 20. Contact Sarit here.
  • Study one of the essays at Parents’ Corner during Hebrew School: Dates TBA
  • If you are a child or teen at BJ, you’ll encounter the teachings of Heschel in our Hebrew School, in our teen program, and on our retreats and trips (Reach for Shabbat, Family Israel trip, 6th grade retreat and service learning trips).

We believe that this community learning will be one step on the path toward spiritual elevation.  We hope you will join us.

Webinar Schedule

“To Be a Jew: What Is It?” p.3
Webinar on Wednesday, November 10

“Existence and Celebration” p.18
Webinar on Wednesday, December 16

“The Spirit of Jewish Prayer” p.100
Webinar on Wednesday, January 13

“Toward an Understanding of Halakha” p.127
Webinar on Wednesday, February 10

“No Religion is an Island” p.235
Webinar on Wednesday, March 9

“The Meaning of this War” p.209
Webinar on Wednesday, April 13

“An Analysis of Piety” p.305
Webinar on Wednesday, May 25

“The Moment of Sinai” p.12
Webinar on Wednesday, June 8