Learning Programs

Learning Programs


The first step on your b’nai mitzvah journey is enrolling in Kadima@BJ. Our elective-based Hebrew School model places an emphasis on tefilah (prayer) and spirituality, music, and community. Incorporating modern pedagogic tools and Hebrew learning, Kadima@BJ honors our students’ desire for challenging and deep learning, ensuring that our students feel ownership and excitement over their Jewish learning and identify formation.


Attend welcoming, engaging, and educational service for 3rd-6th graders and their families, led by BJ’s spiritual leaders and accompanied by our Kulanu Band. Students are invited to help lead the prayers, and families are encouraged to ask questions and to participate in discussions about Shabbat, prayer, and the weekly Torah reading.

Shabbat Family Learning Programs

Starting in the spring of fourth grade and continuing throughout sixth grade, all pre-b’nai mitzvah children and their parents are invited to attend special Family Learning Programs for their specific grade. In addition to building familiarity with the b’nai mitzvah process, you will have the opportunity to engage in Torah study with the Rabbis and educators as you learn more about this rite of passage.  This is also a very special time for you and your child to learn with his or her community of peers.

Fourth Grade B’nai Mitzvah Journey Opening Ritual

Families of all 4th grade students are invited to BJ’s annual B’nai Mitzvah Journey Opening Ritual, where the entire Torah will be unrolled, and each student will find the parashah (portion) that he/she will read when called to the Torah for his/her Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Join Rabbi Felicia Sol for this extraordinary event that brings together all 4th grade students and families as they begin their ascent toward becoming b’nai mitzvah.

Fifth Grade Overnight

All fifth graders attend an overnight at the synagogue in late winter/early spring, beginning with a Havdalah ceremony.  Here, students will have an opportunity to get to know each other while engaging in fun activities that promote community-building, learning, worship and social action.

Sixth Grade Spring Retreat

Each spring, sixth graders will attend a weekend long B’nai Mitzvah Retreat. Throughout Shabbat and the weekend students will have a great time bonding while participating in learning, worship and social action opportunities with educators and a rabbi.