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It’s Time for Teen Shabbat

It’s time for Teen Shabbat! We’re thrilled to be sharing our current plans for our upcoming teen-led Shabbat services. Teen Shabbat empowers teens within the BJ community to lead through prayer and music, both for our community and for their own Jewish futures. On this special Shabbat, we highlight the teen community through sharing of kavannot about immersive experiences and social justice opportunities. We’ll be spreading out the leading opportunities for the entirety of Shabbat on Friday, April 16-Saturday, 17 in order to accommodate COVID-19 protocols.

If you are interested in participating, learn more and sign up now.

Sign up by Sunday, February 14 to participate! Email Laura for more information.

Laura Schultze

Written By Laura Schultze

Laura has been working in the Jewish teen education field, both teaching and providing professional development to educators, since moving to New York in 2014. She is a graduate of San Francisco St...

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