Shaharit (Virtual)

Remote Access Only NY

Develop a daily Jewish practice and help us make a minyan so our members can say kaddish for their loved ones. Join us every day on Zoom, and in person on Mondays, Thursdays, and other special days with Torah reading.

[CANCELED] Back to Our Roots

Randall's Island Urban Farm Wards Meadow Loop, New York

Join us for an exciting shemita program at the Randall’s Island Farm! We’ll spend time together doing farmwork and gaining a deeper understanding of the different concepts of shemita as we further build our community.

Together Again: Celebrate Israel Parade

East 52nd Street

After two long years the Celebrate Israel Parade is back! The BJ community will march with the Upper West Side contingent and we invite you to join us in celebrating Israel.

A Moral Call for Peace and Climate Justice

Marble Collegiate Church 1 West 29th St, New York

Join us for an interfaith call to action at Marble Collegiate Church in NYC as we rise up with one voice to urge our leaders to have the courage to meet this moment with actions that science and justice demand.


Minha-Arvit (Virtual)

Remote Access Only NY

Join us in virtual community for minha and arvit (the afternoon and evening services), and to support those in our midst who are saying Kaddish.