Shabbat and Pesah VII Morning Services

Remote Access Only NY

Join us on Shabbat mornings for soul-stirring prayer infused with melodies from across the Jewish world calling us to renew our commitment to building a world of justice, dignity, and peace.


Early Childhood Families: Virtual Shabbat Service

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This Shabbat morning experience for children and their families (Birth-Age 7), incorporates spirited prayer and singing, and fun learning activities. Each session includes special learning component for both children and parents.

Outdoor Arvit and Havdalah – Erev 8th Day of Pesah

Outside of 88th Street Sanctuary 88th Street and West End Avenue, New York

Join us in front of the main sanctuary doors on 88th Street for arvit (the evening service) and havdalah, as we bring Shabbat to close and usher in the last day of Pesah with song and prayer.