Hate Has No Home Here

As BJ plans the next steps in our social justice work, we want to balance nimbleness with discipline, be responsive but not reactive. We remain committed to our existing organizing, advocacy, and direct service efforts, and are exploring new initiatives where there is appetite and leadership.

A primary issue of concern in our community is bigotry in its many forms: anti-semitism, Islamophobia, racism, xenophobia, homophobia. To a certain degree, these issues are being addressed in the context of existing hevras and committees. Our broader response includes new efforts to build relationships with local Muslim communities and hosting Upstander and Bystander Intervention trainings.

The Hate Has No Home Here campaign is built on the idea that a single publicly displayed sign can give comfort, heart and courage to any member of the community or passerby who has ever felt targeted by hateful speech or action. The sign is also a public declaration that hate speech and hateful actions against others will not be tolerated by the person or organization displaying the sign.

The idea began in a diverse and close-knit Chicago community in response to the 2016 presidential election, and the work is completely grassroots, and international. The phrase was imagined by a third grader and kindergartner. We offer our multi-language signs for display to local shopkeepers and businesses. Our local project includes a coalition of faith communities, and our vision is to have as many of these signs in as many storefronts and offices on as many streets as possible, in all five boroughs, throughout the tri-state area, and the banners flying from any building willing to fly it.