Manhattan Together

Manhattan Together, a local affiliate of the national Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), currently has 24 member institutions, mainly religious congregations from black Baptists to Latino Catholics to white Episcopalians, as well as SAJ, West End Synagogue, Central Synagogue, Rodeph Sholom, East End Temple, and Town & Village Synagogue. Common Ground and Picture the Homeless, organizations focused on housing and homelessness, are also member institutions.

Previously, “Upper Manhattan Together, an IAF coalition that is part of the new “Manhattan Together”, gave BJ some assistance in 2003 as we created Panim el Panim. Manhattan Together uses the same model of congregation-based community organizing (CBCO) that we use, which makes it a good fit for our participation. BJ has been on the leading edge of a growing national trend for synagogue involvement in CBCO, and joining a CBCO coalition is our next exciting step forward.

Presently, BJ members participate on the Manhattan Together Strategy Team, the umbrella body that looks at overall work being done and assuring that strategies chosen can result in action.