Aging in New York Hevra

Co-Chairs: Rochelle Friedlich, Ellen Landsberger, and Sylvia Vogelman

Community Education

Aging in NY Hevra Presents Documentary Film: Care
Wednesday, June 29 | 6:30 PM | 88th Street Sanctuary

Join B’nai Jeshurun’s Aging in New York Hevra, Jews for Racial & Economic Justice, and the movement of the Caring Majority for a screening and discussion of the new documentary film: Care.

Let’s face it. We’re all aging. 90% of Americans would prefer to age at home and in community. Most of us will need some help in order to age in place with dignity. What will it look like? Who will provide it? How will it feel?

Be among the first to get a sneak peak of this powerful film about care, caregiving, and what matters most in the end.

Care delves deeply into the world of home elder care through the eyes of both paid caregivers, unpaid family caregivers, and elders. It features many compelling stories of BJ, JFREJ, and the National Domestic Workers Alliance members, as well as footage of our ground-breaking Eldercare Dialogues program.

Vilma, an undocumented care worker, cares for Dee, 92, once an active businesswoman whose only family lives 3,000 miles away. Delores tends to Miss Nina, a stroke survivor with a spicy tongue. In an isolated rural area, Laurie cajoles Larry to do his exercises and have hope while he waits for a lung transplant. Larry’s wife Tiff says, “this is the hardest job in the world”.

Yet despite spending long days taking care of others, these compassionate women don’t make enough to put food on the table for their own families. Laurie can’t pay her rent. Delores winds up in a women’s shelter. And that’s only half the story. Middle class Toni and Peter are going broke paying for his 24/7 care.

Through stories Care reveals the deep humanity and poignancy of care work, as well as the challenges and frustrations faced by elders, their families, and care workers. It also reveals the beginning of a movement grappling with how we can better care for our elders, and those who care for them, as our nation ages.

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Advocacy and Community Organizing Campaign

Our campaign is focused on improving access to quality and affordable eldercare for B’nai Jeshurun members and beyond, that is consistent with our Jewish values of caring across generations and respect for workers. We value access to resources, information, and support for individuals and families who require eldercare and long-term care.

We are bringing together communities of seniors and their families with communities of home care/elder care workers and domestic workers and their families, because we believe quality jobs and quality care go hand in hand. Through this dialogue we are uncovering our shared values and aspirations for what elder care and elder care work should be. We are also discussing and grappling with the challenges we all face. We are engaging in dialogue to build trusting relationships and mutual understanding to turn our vulnerability into mutual strength and a shared vision for elder care.

In addition, in collaboration with our partners and with the assistance of the Urban Justice Center, we are researching and evaluating existing training for elder/home care workers in New York City. We want to expand and improve upon what is currently available to workers and consumers. We hope to use our pilot training as a platform to build upon, in order to create more supports and programs to compliment quality training. This is what we want and need for seniors and workers. In addition, elders and their families need resources and information in order to be good employers and to manage our care relationships, and we hope to improve upon what is available.

Learn more about our Elder Care Campaign.