Bikkur Holim Tips

bj16_Hesed_logoWe are excited to present tips that have been gathered over the years in relation to Bikkur Holim.

Tips for Good Listening

Tips for good listening that can be useful in many situations, beyond Bikkur Holim. Read more »

Tips for Enhancing Shabbat

To help those who are ill or recovering to stay connected to Shabbat Read more »

Tips for Visiting a Non-Responsive Person

What to do when you visit someone who is non-responsive. Read more »

Etiquette for Hospital and Nursing Home Visiting

These guidelines can be useful when visiting in a hospital or nursing home. Read more »

Tips for Mindful Visiting

These tips can help deepen the healing and transformative potential of our visits. Read more »

Conscious Listening Skills for Visitors and Callers

A question that is often raised by those wishing to reach out to others in pain is “What should I say?” Remember that what you say is not nearly as important as how you listen. Read more »

Bikkur Holim Do's and Don'ts

The do's and don'ts for successful Bikkur Holim visits. Read more »

Opportunities for the Visitor's Growth

We have the opportunity to grow when we perform the mitzvah of Bikkur Holim. Read more »

Tips from the Perspective of the Patient

We are fortunate to have some tips from the perspective of the patient, written by our past Bikkur Holim co-chair, Barbara Goldman, z"l. Read more »

Guidelines for the Caller

Helpful tips when calling someone who is ill. Read more »