Life Cycle Support

Jewish tradition teaches us to treasure each day, especially the moments of growth and transition in our lives. The community of B’nai Jeshurun considers it a privilege to mark and share important stages in a person’s life and support them in both sadness and joy.

Involvement and connections with our rabbis and hazzan create an environment of solidarity and comfort at difficult moments in members’ lives, and provide sustenance during joyful times. Rabbis are available for pastoral counseling.

Our staff and member volunteers offer support to members who are in need of assistance, experiencing loss, or meeting other life challenges through the Bikkur Holim (Visting the Sick) and the Hevra Kadisha (Comforting Mourners) Committees.

“When we needed BJ, the rabbis and the community were extraordinary and lifesaving.”

— BJ Member

In cases where needs are greater than can be provided by our members we provide referrals to the appropriate social services agencies and groups. When circumstances warrant additional assistance BJ members come together to make special arrangements as happened after the 2008 economic crisis.

Keep the Life Cycle Team updated on the events in your life and the lives of other community members for which you or they would like community support. To let the whole BJ community know about family events such as a birth, weddings, bar/bat mitzvah, or other significant milestones email Billie Di Stefano.