Yozma 35-55

Yozma means “initiative”, and we like to think of it as an acronym for “Yahadut zmaneinu, moreshet ha’am,” which means “Judaism of our time, heritage of our people.”

We are a community of 35-55 year old Jewish professionals and students, singles and couples, living in and around New York City. We are committed to creating a Jewish life that is meaningful, relevant, and dynamic. We offer Jewish focus events, social action events, and also purely social events to provide programming that appeals to this diverse crowd. We sponsor big events and smaller group events that will allow for closer more intimate get-togethers. Keep an eye out for programs under the Yozma name.

Co-chairs: Debbie Leiderman and Craig Rosenberg

Stay in the Know

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You can also visit this page and Upcoming Events for a variety of Yozma activities throughout the year.


Upcoming Yozma Events

A Fall Hike With Yozma

Sunday, November 19 | 9:00AM | Palisades
Join Yozma (BJ members and friends in their 40s & 50s) for a moderate five-mile hike. We’ll meet outside the BJ Sanctuary to take the subway together to the George Washington Bridge. From there, we will walk across the bridge and onto the trails of the Palisades overlooking the Hudson, before doubling back to return. The track is mostly flat, but there is some trail hiking. Bring your lunch. R.S.V.P. to Craig Rosenberg.