Tze’irim Leadership

The Tze’irim Executive Board

Tze’irim’s executive board and three committees organize and run all Tze’irim programming.

Chairs: Kristen Kersey

Kehilah Committee Chairs: Tatyana Dvorkin, Mollie Levison

Social Action/Social Justice Chair: Aaron Feinstein

How you can get involved

We are always looking for people to help us coordinate, facilitate, and energize our favorite programs, as well as to envision new ones! If you are interested in getting involved, please see below.

1.) Join a Committee. We are always looking for additional volunteers. Are you interested in a specific programming area? Just email the appropriate committee chair to get more involved.

2.) Plan your own event. Have a great event idea? Get a group of Tze’irim members together and make your event happen! We can assist you in setting it up. Email Tze’irim Leadership to get started.