Tze’irim 20s and 30s

Who We Are

Tze’irim 20s and 30s is B’nai Jeshurun’s young adult group. We are a diverse community of Jewish professionals and students, singles and couples, living in and around New York City. We are committed to creating a Jewish life that is meaningful, relevant, and dynamic, and we are honored to be part of a Jewish community that supports and celebrates our efforts. Tze’irim is led by an executive committee of dedicated creative members of B’nai Jeshurun, and is supported by three sub-committees. All individuals who want to learn more about getting involved, please email Tess Chanoch, Assistant Director of Community Engagement.

What we do

Tze’irim hosts Shabbat Programs, runs Service Match which pairs newcomers with regular members to attend Shabbat services, organizes Social Action/Social Justice activities, and sponsors other fun Kehilah (community-building) outings. Everyone in their 20s or 30s is welcome to join any or all of our activities.  Membership at BJ is not a requirement, though we value BJ and encourage you to join. The synagogue even offers a Special Tze’irim Rate.

Shabbat Programs

Challah Six Braid Photo credit: Aviv HodTze’irim provides a welcoming, fun, and relaxing Shabbat environment for its diverse community of 20s/30s individuals. Examples of Shabbat programs include:

  • Catered and potluck Friday night meals
  • Intimate home-hosted Shabbat and other holiday meals
  • Themed Shabbat dinners such as Pizza and Board Games or Interfaith Shabbat
  • Shabbat afternoon picnics in the park
  • Havdalah (ceremony to end Shabbat) celebrations

Social Action/Social Justice Programming

Lobbying in AlbanyTze’irim programs volunteer activities relating to Social Action and Social Justice. Examples of our direct service opportunities and greater advocacy issues include:

  • Shabbat Dinner with Adaptations
  • Toiletry drives at TZ events
  • Coffee House at the Bronx House (lunch with Holocaust Survivors)
  • Monthly cooking nights for the BJ/SPSA Homeless Shelter

In addition to the events listed above, we work with the greater BJ community on programming such as Bikkur Holim (visiting the sick).

Kehilah (Community) Programming

One task During TZ Photo Scavenger HuntOur goal is to build a Tze’irim community by providing opportunities for our members to meet each other in social settings. Examples of Kehilah programming include:

  • Hanukkah party
  • Sukkot festivities
  • End of Passover Chametz-fest (typically pizza and beer)
  • Scavenger hunts and trivia nights
  • Touch football, Ultimate Frisbee, and ice-skating in Central Park
  • Limud (learning) opportunities with BJ’s rabbis

Stay in the Know

To be added to the Tze’irim mailing list, contact Adina Katz with your name, email, and mailing group of interest! Our weekly email will alert you to upcoming Tze’irim events as well as synagogue-wide events that may be of interest to the 20s and 30s community.

Connecting with Tze’irim Online

Many of us meet on Tze’irim’s Facebook page. Join in the dialogue. Share your ideas. And if you have a great experience at a Tze’irim event, share your story!

Upcoming Tze’irim Events

Upcoming Tze’irim Events will be appear below.