BJ Women

bj women


Women at BJ wanted a communal space to learn, pray and sing together and Rabbi Felicia L. Sol felt the privilege and the responsibility to create this space. Together, in 2001, they started holding regular women’s retreats, and now, something closer to home, local mini-retreats.


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Women’s Reflections


BJ Women



My connection to Judaism was enhanced by the community of women who are so strong and dedicated to supporting the tradition. I feel fortunate to be part of this extraordinary community. – Sandy Cheiten


womens-retreat credit Toby Baldinger



I met many new friends – smart, interesting women. The retreat, for me is a balance of cerebral and spiritual. The services and music are vehicles to connect me closer to my Jewishness. Being in a space of peace, beauty, and thought.  I am still feeling the effects of the experience. – Bonnie Harwayne




It was helpful to me that other people are questioning their beliefs and it actually provided me with a stronger connection knowing that I was not alone. It was wonderful to share so much in a more natural setting and not just as participants at services or meetings. – Susan Samuels