What Can We Expect?

We are planning a full year of learning, community-building, and action, with opportunities for BJ members of all ages and stages to get involved. Similar in structure to this year’s “Jewish Identity, Belonging and Community” initiative, Faith and Public Life will include the following components:

  • Lecture series: An examination of these issues through historical and sociological perspectives.
  • Tzedek Minyanim: Tzedek is the Hebrew word for justice, and a minyan refers to a quorum of people who come together for a sacred purpose. Tzedek Minyanim will bring groups of BJ members together over the course of the year to study, act, or give. Registration will begin in September. Find out more here.
  • Community Calls to Action: A series of social action and social justice opportunities.
  • Workshops: Periodic gatherings for Tzedek Minyan participants to explore the spiritual aspects of social change work, receive training in various activist skills, and share their experiences with one another and with the community.
  • Opportunities to learn about activists within the BJ community.
  • Jewish learning and study materials.
  • Integration with Family Life and Learning programming: Historically there have been fewer ways for children and families to get involved in BJ’s volunteer and justice work. One goal of this initiative is to create more pathways for these BJ members to take part in this core element of our community.