Lecture Series

Lecture Series

This public lecture series examined the topic of Faith & Public Life through historical and sociological perspectives, bringing participants into conversation with each other about the underlying values that drive their political views.

Previous Lectures

Lecture 4: Dr Yehuda Kurtzer
The Moral, The Political, and The Partisan: Jewish Community and Jewish Values in an Era of Polarization

Lecture 3: Dr Jonathan Haidt
The Jewish Art of Constructive Disagreement: Just What We Need In a Polarized Time


Lecture 2: Dr Deborah Dash Moore
What Can New York Jewish History Teach Us about Faith in Public Life?

Click here to listen to the audio recording, with introduction by Rabbi Felicia Sol. Due to a technical problem, there is no video available for this lecture.


Lecture 1: Dr Moshe Halbertal
A Jew in the World: Private Citizen/Public Advocate